Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Down Memory Lane

Happened to read this really nice blog of one of my fellow bloggers which talked about a old documentary/advt on TV when we were kids and was by far one of most memorable advt even to date...called Ek-Anek titli song....and suddenly a host of memories associated with TV and ads since childhood came crashing down....

One of my earliest memories are clearly of the first Hindi serial ever-Humlog!...At that age I hardly understood too much of the serial...but it still had to be a "Must watch"..simply coz the whole family(joint family then) would sit glued to the TV then and well...its simply meant that nothing else was more important then!

A little later came the classics....HE Man-and the masters of the universe, Spiderman(the very original cartoon version) and my all time favourite EVER..GIANT ROBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!...How could I (or anyone!) EVER miss that serial!!!

Still remember giant robot used to come in the evening and we kids used to be glued atleast 10 min before it started to ensure we dont miss an inch of the subtitles..coz the entire Giant Robot hand movements were featured in the subtitles and that was something...we just HAD to copy along with the serial!!!:-))

And of course a little later DD was nice enugh to initiate something called FUNTIME during summer vacations in the afternoon from 12:00-2:00pm..where they showed stories of Ali baba and of course fairy tales enacted...still remember clearly..Hanstel and Gretel being on the top of my list!!

More recently was of course--JUNGLE BOOK-with Mowgli and his "Chaddi pehenke phool khila hai"...song..which I think was a bigger rage with kids(and adults--was an adult by then i think!) than any bollywood number I can think of..

But the icing on the cake to me and what made TV so much more interesting and memorable then were clearly the cute and silly ads...and yes Ads somehow never seemed like a nuisance then!...few that I can remeber top of mind...

1)Nirma ad--Iske Jhhhaaaag(extra stress on the a) ne Jadu kar diya...heheh...I still sing that song so naturally every time I see nirma soap!
2) Bajaj Lights---and its ever famous jingle..."Jab mein Chota Baccha tha...!
3) Hawkins pressure cooker...."Khana jaldi pakaye..kaisi siti bajaye..
4) Lijjat Papad!--And the stuffed bunny...saying..hehehehe....gawd!!
5) Tata soap--which literally went like..Tata ka OK..Dhulayi ka sabun!..:-)
6) Surf ad and its ever famous UshaJi!!--classic!

Well am sure there are many more that I have missed out....

Point being that somehow these were some of the things we saw and heard while growing up and well somewhere influenced all of us as kids...

TV today almost feels like a different generation with separate channels for EVERYTHING!....but I guess most of us who grew up at that time would never want to trade those fond memeories of the Idiot box with all the possible channel today.....NEVER!:-)


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tai Tam

Thats the name of the place we trekked today...our very first trek in HK

HK with all its tall concrete buildings and vast sea almost cheats you into beleiving that activities like trekking and hiking were a distant possibility coz the landscape for the same would be a rarity...but we were wrong!

Today we managed to go on our very first trek in HK to a trail called Wilson/HK trail to a place called Tai Tam reservoir(sounds almost like the name of a railway station)...cute eh:-)

Well we thought so too..once we started out...once again felt cheated!...Coz the trek turned out to be atleast 4 hours of solid walk!..non-stop, without breakfast and in the hot sun!....

Thankfully we had enough good company to keep the walk on(5 of us)....

What struck me was well slightly funny...after doing all these treks in thick jungles in India without a guide or any paths or signboards to tell us where we are and where we are going...here every trekking path has a proper trail with...proper signboards and even tables laid out for lunches and barbeques...hehehe its funny..but the trek was fun..

And some funny sights were too see other trekkers from all over the world trekking with knapsacks, "Umbrella and walking sticks!"...well this place still hasnt ceased to amaze me!

We finally reached a place called Stanley Market which had this amazing open restaurants and we managed to regain all the calories we had lost in the day by a lavish meal!

All in all....perfect day...met some great people, was as close to nature as could be doing one of things I love most doing and..nothing better but to end it with a nice chicken Pizza!:-))

Here is to yet another great memory...in the string of many!


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Notes to Myself-Me

This is probably the boldest and most honest note I have ever posted on the Blog...This is one of those notes that one writes in your absolutely private diary and ensures that its torn before anyone reads it...

But I had this urge to blog about it...coz I had hidden it from myself for so long that I wanted to unhide it now not just from myself but everyone...

Something happened last night that cleared my head about a lot of things, about myself....not the dark side of me..but Me

1) I am selfish-very selfish
2) I take more than I give-in most aspects
3) I Am Money Minded
4) I am a dependent person
5) I am demanding in a relationship- very
6) I end up controlling others lives
7) I am rude and mean and hurt others to seek revenge
8) I am short-tempered and hurt others with my words.
9) I squabble over petty things in life and am unreasonable
10) I am insecure

This is Me. Sorry. Not sorry for being me--but for how me would have hurt those who are with me.

Thats why I probably have never truely been anyone's friend...Not sure if I would be able to love someone like me...but there are others who claim they do and I believe them....

I wanted to be a friend and ended up being a boss
I wanted to be a friend and ended up being a Advisor
I wanted to be a friend and ended up being a Wife.

Its nice to finally see things clearly...and this is not a self-pity post...just my first attempt to be honest to myself before I lose the courage.

I dont intend to end this note by saying that you will shortly see a Me-Part 2 which will be a different version of me...coz I am not sure if I can and want to change any of it. No, am aso not saying...this is Me-take it or leave it....

Some stuff I will change, others no, still others Dunno...

Only time will tell.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

To Mom

Dear Mom,

This piece of note is dedicated wholly and souly to you...

Why?..after 27 yrs of existence do I decide that you finally deserve atleast a few lines for you...Coz for the first time in my life I feel in your shoes..

You'v been a housewife all your life...and I having travelled the life of a student, to working spinster, to working wife to finally a housewife...have always smirked at how peaceful a life a housewife has....Alwways kept asking you.."What do you do in the kitchen the whole day?"..."Why dont you go out and do something more with your life?"....

These questions always coming from genuine ignorance of the fact that mom probably never needed to get out of her housewife clothes or probably never had the time to.....

And how I have reached to this analysis....coz am obviously in your shoes now...living and reliving it everyday...Read this...

Daily Routine
1) Break fast for hubby early morning - 10 min
2) Lunch for Hubby packed early morning - 15 min
A quick nap once hubby leaves followed by ablutions
3)Cleaning the house (mopping, scrubbing the floors)- 20 min
4) Cleaning toilets -15 min
5) Making the bed-10 min
6) Dusting the House- 15 min
7) Washing and Drying clothes- 15 min(Thank you Dear Machine)
8) Cleaning Dishes from Breakfast- 15 min
Quick Lunch for myself
9) Cleaning Dishes post Lunch- 20 min
10) Cleaning Kitchen before Cooking- 7 min
11) Cooking Dinner- 2.5 hrs
12) Cleaning dishes once again- 15 min
13) Wrapping dried clothes- 10 min
14) Grocery Shopping- 1-2 hrs
Hubby returns
15) Heat and serve Dinner- 30 min
16) Post Dinner cleaning Dishes- 20 min
17) Final Kitchen Clean up-10 min

End of day

Please note:- Schedule continues mostly the same on weekends too....so there are no weekly offs....

Sorry mom for not being able to realise that this is a difficult and "very difficult" job...and thank you for all the years of relentless, non tiring efforts to give us a beautiful home.

Never again shall the questions be asked....

Your Daugther


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Kite Runner

Well...exactly the question I had in Mind when I read this title...What does this mean...whats a Kite runner?

And this is the reason I picked up this book!.....Easily one of the best books I have read(in fact probably the best book I have read!)..Its an absolute must read for those who love to read!!!

Its written by an Afgani Author called Khalid Hosseini...and must say...Kudos to him for having created a masterpiece....

Book is about two afghani kids and their lifespan who grow up together(one is the master and the other the servant in the house)....and is based in the pre-post taliban rule on Afganistan era...certain incidents and their impact on their live!

Not sure which is better...the story or the narration...either ways..its a clear winner. The story is genuine, real , easy flowing and as engrossing as any Da Vinci version...inspite of not being a thriller.

However to me the catch is the excellent narration...the way the book has been written and the fabulous characterisations....each character has been groomed and almost nutured through the story...!

To me the true test of a good writer is one who can force the read to put himself in the shoes of the characters and feel exactly what the characters are feeling!....in short feel what the author feels when he is writing the book....to me this book did just that....made me ask ..."What would I do if?....What would I feel if...?

Already looking forward to his next one....the Kite Runner has won me over....!


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Live life Queen Size

Yup that's how I felt in Malaysia.Actually felt like one of those American tourist I used to see in India living like Kings and making sure they enjoy all the possible luxuries thrusted on them (how torturous)!Ahem!!

Residing in the Marriott hotel in Kuala Lumpur(actually place called Putrajaya close to KL) I felt like a princess!(equally tortured)!

Hubby dear had to be in Malaysia for work for three weeks and how could poor wife stay alone in HK all the while-so a mutual pretext of a second honeymoon was worked out and there I was forced to devour all the luxuries alone(poor me!) while hubby dear religiously spent 12 hrs a day working!..sigh!

Well though hubby dear laughed it off I actually had a busy and tiring day (once my day began that is)...beginning with a quick breakfast and then an hour at the gym, followed by well 30 minutes of Jacuzzi, occasionally by sauna, a generous shower(30 minutes atleast), next activity obviously being lunch , TV , reading and maybe a 1 hr nap. Just when I began to realize its evening it was time for a swim in a lavish pool. By this time hubby dear would usually return to accompany me for dinner....Woah!(that's a lot stuffed in a day)...and mind you it was all free(I hate them!!!!!!!:)

Have explored KL on the weekends and well its a nice simple place with of course the Petronas towers being the fame story, and people here being slower than trams!..An eg is below...

Me in Mcdonalds asking for a veg burger meal...(pls note the Meal combo typically have a non cheese burger)
Me:- Wld like a Veg cheese burger combo meal
Waiter:-?..sorry..U want a veg burger meal
Me:- Yes, but a veg cheese burger meal
Waiter:- Sorry mam...but we have only veg burger meal...
Me:- So??..u have a chicken Cheese burger right..?...so why cant u give a Veg cheese burger?
Waiter:- Am sorry but we have only a veg burger
Me:- Ok u have a veg burger..and u have cheese?
Me:- Then take the Veg burger and Add cheese and charge me for the cheese!!!!
Waiter:- Okkaay...so u want Veg burger and add cheese
Waiter goes to his boss to check if thats a possibility!!!..returns
Waiter :- Ok mam...50 cents more...we give Veg burger and Add cheese
Me:-Okkkayyyy...So u cant give me Veg Cheese burger but thx for giving me Veg burger with Cheese!

Thankfully Malaysia is not as maddeningly expensive as HK...so it's a relief and well I managed to sneak in atleast an evening of shopping and buy some lovely Malaysian Masks of wood!

So that was life in Malaysia....and who's complaining...u don't get to be a queen everyday...though a red carpet could just complete the picture(is the Marriott listening!)


Monday, November 14, 2005

Am Back!

After almost 3-4 mths of hibernation...this blog is back in action...no more snoring!

Well my first blog from the chiny land...hong kong...!

And well what am I doing here...dutifully fulfilling my marital vows to be here with hubby dear....so while he gets the moolah in, I make sure the moolah gets put to good use:-)

And what has life been like in the first one mth....here is HK files for u...

Well to begin with, life has changed.,..in all ways possible!…HK has done to me what even marriage couldn’t….have become a HOUSEWIFE!!….and well ahem….its not thaaatttt bad!!Well I actually enjoy watching desperate housewives!

After 2 weeks of exhaustive house search, scanning nearly 40 houses in this time, we have FINALLY managed to finalise an apartment….Thank you god lord for small mercies in life!

Day begins with the alarm at 6:30 pm…which is supposed to wake up hubby but ends up waking me up too….and then the dutiful wife prepares breakfast and well also packs the tiffin for hubby dear so that he doesn’t have to spend the day eating noodles.

8:00-11:00 am—nap time once again…(well some things cant really be expected to change)

11:00-11:30-ablution time

1130-12:30 –Gym time…well yeah am a part of the hip GYM going “housewives”….and well even though hubby dear might not agree…think am beginning to build some muscles on my arms and legs….full proudness happening….in fact it’s the most important chore for the day…cant be missed!

12:30-1:00 half hour bubble bath..hmmmm…..now u just have to be deep in water (and the bubbles of course) to know how it feels!…..hmmmmmmmmmmmm

1:00pm:- Lunch time and well oprah gives my company for lunch everyday….

2:00pm—Have to watch, cant be missed activity for the day—Bold and Beautiful time..well and I am not ashamed to admit that it is not as bad as I thot it Would be..I mean it gives me an hour of company….soooo…!

3:00-5:00pm- Dinner time….and yes the cook(err chef) works her magic!!….the entire course…rice, dal, vegetable and almost roti likes!(hubby dear will not agree with the roti likes though)

5:00-6:00- TV, more TV, Reading, more reading ,…have probably watched every serial on star world and every movie on star movie( coz these are the only two English channels available)

6:00 pm-9:00pm- Was house hunting time with hubby !

Note:- In between hubby dear would dutifully call 2-3 times to check if am still sane!

Well its not that bad really, though am still trying to figure out if it’s a completely different world or just another version of the same one I have been used to for the past 27 yrs!!

Some highlights to help you understand how ‘another’ this version of the world is:-
1) Mercedes also operate as cabs here!!!….Name the car and its there on the roads…actually saw a Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes(all types probably),Lamborgini,Rolls Royce…etc etc….amaziiinnnnggggg convertibles…..yummmmm….yet again makes us feel deprived and hubby dear is still gasping for breath!!
2) Monday –Friday the entire city seems to be a walking a newspaper (black, white and grey!)…must admit they look great dressed in business suits…probably the only reason that makes me want to go to work..!
3) Chinese seem to have a fetish (read obsession) for shoes, ALL shapes, sizes, colours ( the weirdest of them all)..are worn and adorned here!
4) Vegetarian food has to be hunted down(literally)…its almost like an adventure to find veg food places!
5) Infrastructure is amazing and transport is awesome….thank to bbay traveling seems like heaven here!
6) People here actually have the audacity to call a 5x6 sq feet cubicle as a room???…..(its now that I really miss my blore home!!)

Well that’s a snippet of life in first two weeks.,..managed to make friends with this Indonesian and now Australian lady also staying in the same service apartment and realized that well people everywhere are the same!

Beginning to feel more settled down here and of course begun to travel alone and well its nice to spend hubby dear's money…..trying to see how soon I can get myself occupied in the corporate world again….

Every week is a phase and well looking forward the next few weeks to get into our home and well start life all over again….doing the place, settling down and the works..guess feels like am at the beginning of the circle once again !!!