Thursday, August 26, 2004

Ma & Pa coming to town!

Folks coming to town tomorrow!!!!
This is a syndrome which seeems to be hitting a lotta "been outta home for a while" yuppiees like me in todays generation...something which we havent been able to reconcile to..

Spend 3 hours this week trying to get my house organized to make it livable for them and can still hear mom saying:-

1) Why the hell are your fans sooo dirty..when was the last time you cleaned them?? (NEVER!)
2) You havent been eating well--uv lost so much weight( Pls note My new trousers dont fit me!)
3) Your cupboards a mess--what do you you do to your clothes!(DUMP Them!)
4) Why dont you take "rest" on weekends instead of romping around? ( Please define Rest...Note:- Romping around= Rest)
5) Why are there so many cobwebs in your house??( Coz mom Spidy's in town;-)

The primary effects of "Parents in town syndrome on my life" can be classified under four categories:-

1) Tonnes of good food and pampering ....nothing like home made food (and free hugs!)- Yuppieeee
2) Social life entering the non existent danger zone-- Hummmmpppp
3) Coming home and not being the first one to switch on the lightes- Yuppieee
4) My home suddenlly doesnt look like it used to...clothes are in cupboard, cushions on the bed, everything in place!- hummppp

Guess parents are the same everywhere:-)

They are gonna be here for awhile and probably the last time they would be staying with me for such a long time....looking forward to old times when got woken up by mom in the morning instead of the alarm....

Time to rewind life for awhile!

p.s:- Watch this space for more updates on life in the next few weeks....


Monday, August 23, 2004

So typical Dahli!

Came back from Dalhi from a weekend trip last nite and yes have survived that city and its people yet again! a survivor!!!...This city never ceases to amaze me..

My company like most "learning organizations" these days decided to have something called as a "capability conference" in Dahli...or someplace sounding like Manesar...and well nope..not on a weekday but on a weekend!!..

So while you slog ur butt off on a weekday making money for the company , ur give up ur weekend siestas to build some "capability" to be more productive and in end make more money for fabulous!!

After 1 whole week of and another collague of mine finally landed up in the dahli office and then from there to be driven to Manesar. The three days that followed had varied experiences and moods....tired, lazy, funny, interesting, booring, missing bangalore, cribbing, rejoicing!...went thru all of these and probably even more in three days!

Its amazing how the city and its people are just soo typical Dahli and that flavour just never seems to go away, its there in everything they do, say, believe!

Love for food and paneer and papsi, big flashy big branded cars with punjabi music, once again getting amazed at the extent of pain Dahli babes take to dress up and look good and carry it of(hats off gals!) and whats more, personally think dahli men probably take much more care of themselves to stay prim and propah than women anywhere else, all the drinks and abusing in the typical dahli tone and lingo!

Have been to dahli a couple of times before and although the city seems to have been infested with new malls and swanky cars over the time...the basic feel of the city remains the same...difficult to describe..but somehow the people there somehow just never seem to change!

Cant say I have grown fonder of the city, but yes lot more accepting of it everytime I make a trip there...maybe coz the culture there is just so overbearing that you dont have too much choice but to accept it, digest it and grow into it....

Maybe thats what the city is about....cant imagine Dahli any other way but the "so typical Dahli way"!:-)


Thursday, August 12, 2004


That's her name:-)

This cute little bundle of energy-was a walking doll!

Was invitedby my bossmate for dinner yesterday along with a colleague and met Naina, his 3 yr old daughter who was an absolute angel took my heart away.

Now, am a biased one as far as kids are concerned coz I totally love bachhas..but this one truely deserved all the kisses I gave her!

Havent felt as much joy in giving a gift to anyone in recent times as I did while giving her a cute little story book which she obviously isnt ready to read yet...but just the concept of a gift had this little angel romping and jumping around the whole house with it...

And she probably would have been as happy receving any other gift--coz at 3 anything you get wrapped in a nice paper is a bonus...

So little Nainu was tucked to sleep by mommy dear after changing into her red and white pyjamas and holding the new gift she had got..which probably made her day..JOY!

Little pleasures of life...and life seems so simple at her age...

Thx nainu for making my day...kissy to u:-)


Thursday, August 05, 2004

Stuck in a moment

And cant get out.

Sometimes feels like life just gets stuck at one moment for hours, days and just refuses to move ahead!...feeling like that this whole week...

Been crazy at work...trying to balance my "relationship" with three clients at the same time ...2 others vying for attention...spend the whole week fire fighting at work and feels like life just hasnt moved since still where I started out from?

Been stuck on an issue which refuses to get sorted out...going on and on...around and loops and circles...just waiting for weekend to save me...hummmppp!

Ever felt like that?