Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dreading the Rain gods

Dear Rain Gods,

Please have mercy on us poor little souls down on this lowly place called "Earth". Bombay has been bestowed by your wrath last 2 years.

This year however I happen to be in Bombay and travelling through the city. Although I understand there are millions praying for you--I however am praying for you to be mercyful of all the lowly souls like us who combat the buses and trains and other miserable means of transport on a daily basis.

We do like to see and hear your presence once in a while in the form of a gentle shower--but I dont think most of us are looking forward to travelling home from our destinations in boats or swimming or reaching office with the "wet look".

Please consider this as a plea from all the poor beings who have been facing ur anger in the last 2 yrs....we hope to be spared this year!

Keeping fingers crossed....!