Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am not done yet!!!

They say automation makes life simpler....I say it makes you a slave...rules your life...takes away every little piece of control that you might have left and leaves you helpless!

HK is infested with great malls which have even greater toilets....needless to say all these are "Automated flush toilets" ....that have an inane ability to sense what your upto in the 4 closed walls..or so they claim!!..

And am sure these toilets have been made by a man....coz their sensing abilities are completely senseless....So heres how they work...everytime there is a slack period after a "downloading activity"....the sensor uses its "shitbrains" and assumes it time to create a tsunami on your turf... which means it keeps flushing even when one is sitting on it!!!!.....ggrrrrr....What the F***...u senseless thing....cant you see...I AM NOT DONE YET!!

The last part where I want to give up control in my life is when and how I want to clean my turf (read ass)--its a shitty power struggle indeed and am gonna fight tooth and nail to keep control over my turf!

Needless to say--no more senseless sensing toilets for me!!...I am done with these mindless quirks made for the lazy asses....I am now on the hunt for toilets in HK which do not take away the control from your life....only the shit from it!

and yes...I AM DONE NOW!