Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jingle Bell Time:-)

Its Jingle Bell times again...:-)

Yes its that time of the year again... everything just feels so much sweeter and everyone just so bearable (Just for a while though).....its red and white time again...time to jingle ur bells:-))

Love the whole feel and excitement around Xmas...there is something distinctly exciting about this time of the year...of course besides the point that work comes to a complete standstill...something about the whole festive feel...

I especially love HK during Xmas...more so than any other place (or so I'd like to believe)....lovely decorations all around....all bright and colourful and very tastefully done....In fact the first yr of my Xmas in HK is even bought two small stuffed reindeers and duly named them.."santa and banta"...(aint I clever??)

Especially love Xmas coz of Santa Claus... Santa to me always meant(and still does) this big cute fat tummy grandpa who was almost like a life sized teddy and who even at the age of..(ok I dunno his age..but whatever)...can wear a bright red and white outfit could give you a nice gift in socks, was sooo fulll of energy...was almost like an angel who would make all your dream and wishes come true, give you whatever you want!!

And as much as I might want to refrain myself I cant help creating a wishlist for santapa to santapa here's my wishlist...(Will also be put in my socks on 24th night and this is only coz u absolutely insisted that I have a list!!)

1) I get up in the morning with an hourglass figure and the good part has yet to come!!!...No matter what crap I eat the hour glass is untouched without ANY exercise....sigh..sigh..sigh!!!

2) That all the people u dont like around u have suddenly dissapeared and all your favourite people are with u:-))

3) I won a lottery/prize and that all my travel for the rest of my life to any part of the world has been taken care of.....!

4) From beginning of next yr I get up every morning and have a new hairstyle...(am a style diva)!!

5) I get my current salary simply to be on rolls of the company--I get paid over and above this if I "choose" to work!!

And of course I still sleep on 24th night hoping that in the morning I will see a BIG present with a tag saying "with love to his favourite girl...from Santapa":-) (anyone listening)????....

Whatever it be....Santa for me still very much exists and dont think an Xmas spirit can be complete without jingle bells in the background....without an xmas tree loaded with gifts....without loads of hope and wishes....and without a nice hug from Santa pa!

Merry Xmas to all ya people and dont forget to put up your socks!;-)