Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Deprived childhood

Taking a cue from my last post...I have decided to write this post...which will give you tips on.."How do you know if you have had a deprived childhood?"...

So that those who have been victimized by the "deprived childhood syndrome"...u know its high time you sit down an have a serious..."Why did u do this to me" discussion with ur parents....

So here it goes....You know you have had a deprived childhood if...

1) If you have been eating Maggi in any form other than the simple(without veggies and with masala only) version!

2) If as a kid you have not collected the "tarzan series" of stickers inside cover of pepsi bottles.

3) If the first TV at home was a "Colour TV" and not a "black and white"one...

4) If "foreign chocolates" were always stocked in your fridge rather than a rare treat (bought by rare uncles/aunts staying in "America") and something which you would eat little little bit by bit everyday!

5) If you started going on "field trips to other cities" in school rather than 'picnics" to hanging garden/Gateway!

6) If you had more than 2-3 "special clothes" to be worn only at birthday parties (or if u went for any parties other than birthday parties!)

7) If non-school days meant anything other than playing non-stop from 12:00 noon to 7:00 in the evening--and lagori, ludo, stapoo, ghar-ghar or cricket being the main "events" of the weekend.

8) If atleast once in childhood you didnt try to run away from home(becoz life seemed "unfair"),or u got lost (probably coz u were too busy noticing toys in the market), or stole money from parents (to buy that new chocolate uv being eyeing)

9) If you did not have your own personal "treasure" collection which included things like shells, old coins, stones, beads, sticker...

10) If you and your sibling had separate rooms which you could call "your own".

Little joys of growing up...were so much more "joyous" in our times...when I look at kids now...growing up with PS3, DVDs, and Cartoon network...it feels like they are being deprived of their true "childhood"....

Thank god for giving me a 'not so deprived" childhood!!


Monday, April 07, 2008


What is the Best way to eat Maggi noodles???????

Tell me..tell me!

Option 1 :- Simple and plain..without veggies..and only using the Masala in the pouch...in its native flavour!(SMACK!)

Option 2:- Adding onions, tomotoes, peas..etc etc tonnes of veggies over and above whats given in the pack??

Tell me Tell me!

p.s:- Those choosing option 2 need to go to "Maggi Etiquette course"--clearly they have had a deprived childhood if they have enjoyed maggi in its "fake" version!