Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Its been a long time since I have been blogging non-stop....

And I am now tired...a bit drained....need a break...from blogging and everything else....dont want to think about anything for awhile.

Blogging for me has been a means of expression.....but you may call its a writers block, lack of creativity or simply lack of will to express myself doesnt feel the same anymore.

Its time to take a break from the blog world...maybe for a few days or weeks...I'll be back when am ready to put some words on my thoughts....

Thank you everyone for stopping by to read and comment....from today pls consider this site temporarily closed :-)



Monday, August 28, 2006

Sometimes Childhood Fantasies... come true. Yes they do!! Mine just did:-)

Two posts back in my post called "Childhood fantasies" I had written about having a fantasy of a chocolate house and many of you yummmed at the Idea of a chocolate house.....

This weekend I actually got to eat my chocolate house...all thx to Hubby dear...!!:-)..... heres how it happened!.....Last week hubby dear and me had a bad of those..."sulking for 3 days, no talking" kinda fights...and easily categorised as one of our "worst ones".....Finally last Thursday we made up and sulking stopped....

And hubby dear to make up for it...made (ok let me use the word 'assembled' coz he didnt really make the cake but bought it from outside) a lovely chocolate cake house for me!!!!

And yes this was a surprise for me while I was away gaining some muscle power in the gym...he was sweating away at home making the house to perfection!......U dont believe me??? See it for urself!!

Pls to notice the M&M's and the little blue car and of course the Choco wafer biscuits as the roof!


p.s:- Btw when do we shift in??


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Those Left Behind...

We may not remember them everyday but is it really possible to forget them completely?

Sometimes people enter our lives outta the blue , stay for a little while and then go away. But in the little while they leave life-long impact on our lives...

No matter how much u try to let go, how much u try to distance urself.....they always keep coming back to u in the form of memories and thots..and then u wonder if it was a good decision to let them go away from your lives??....did it really make sense...why didnt we just hold on to them as they were....was it really worth it to lose them?

U let them go coz u think that is the best thing to do....coz u dont want them overpowering your entire life , every relationship and become larger than life itself......

But looking back now sometimes I do regret(and nope I dont have a politically correct..."regret free" life)....sometimes your mind yearns to speak to them..coz probably they were the only ones who listened to u, who understood u...accepted u.....

And I still wonder why did god get these people in my life...if they eventually had to go away....what purpose did it serve??....maybe I know maybe I dont....

Maybe I can change the course of things now...or maybe its already too late...

For now memories linger of those who got left behind.....


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sing Land photos

Some more snaps of Singapore..finally blogger has mercy on us!

Why are you staring at me??

Am a pro at this...!

err..hows the air up there?

Isnt this a dreaammmm!

The King striking a pose-Hail!

Ek Do teen...yellow , blue and green!

Am cute too!

Awwww...get a room pls!

Get up , Stand up, Standup for the show!

Cable Sentosa island!

See the CCCC shaped Islands!


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Childhood Fantasy

I was pestering hubby dear to read me a bed time story over the weekend(a ritual he has to keep up with atleast once in 15 days...I need my dose of bedtime stories)..and my mind just wandered to this trek in bangalore which I did sometime back where we were playing truth and dare in the group.

I got the truth and was asked to say any one fantasy of mine and I blurted out.."Well its about having a chocolate house someday"...*silence*.....all boys laughed and told me thats a escapist answer to the question coz they expected something more "meatier"!...All girls had their faces lit up...*why didnt I think of this one look*.... Whatever!!!

I realised later on that its the absolute truth for me...I have fantasied about having a chocolate house one day right from the moment I read the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale...and hence this has been one of my favouritest fairy tale ever!

I still have 4 jigsaw puzzles which dad brought for me from abroad when I was three and it used to be my favourite toys coz one of the puzzles in that was Hansel and Gretel with the witch and a Yummmyyy chocolate house!

It amazed me when I realised that I have had this fantasy ever since I first heard this story and started visualising the chocolate house with candy bars , chocolate bed, taps, walls, utensils chairs..even commodes...heheh!! everytime I wanted to eat chocolate I didnt even have to go to the fridge I cld take break one part of the bed and eat!

Well someday I hope I do get a choclate house(even if its a miniature version)...Hint!! Hint!! the concerned person listening???

So do you have any such childhood fantasy that u still hold on to??:-)


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sing Land Story....

From the minute I landed at the airport and stepped outside...the feeling of warmth was all over me...something very welcoming abt the place...right from all the amazing greenery all around the the tall rise buildings in central Singapore to the party pubs in boat quay to the lanes in Little India...its seemed so different and such a contrast and yet held together by the same warmth which exists all over the place...

And yes I did visit the zoo and jumped up and down after touching the kangaroo....
Stuck my tongue out and made faces at the orangutan (specially for acqua)
Gave a flying kissy to the hairiest monkey of all (on special request from keshi)
Got a flying kissy back from the lion and white tigers( and yes they do give flying kissy...u just gotta observe them better!!)
Made fisy kissy faces at all the big sharks in the sentosa acquarium!
Tried to get a exclusive one-up close snap with the beautiful birds in jurong park....
Thulped tonnes of masala dosa at little india (think I pooed masala dosa for the next week or so:-)
Made sure I dont run out of perfumes for the next decade(Thx to orchard road, arab street, mustafa market)

But what really stayed with me were the amazingly friendly people in singapore..quite a contrast and a welcome relief from HK!

Right from every single cab driver (each one of them spoke to us like a friend and guided us unfailingly) to the Indian restaurant owner to went out of his way to feed us (with whatever remenants he could manage) at 11pm in the night..people there won us over!

Sitting in Little india makes u wonder if ur really in Singapore or a little town in kerela with tonnes of local indians all ard u..selling everything right from an incense stick to flower to food and sweetmeats....(i feasted myself to some amazing ras malai)

All in all...a very memorable trip...Wouldnt be wrong to say that Indians have made a mark there and thankfully not only retained their hospitality and warmth but spread it around amongst other localites too....

The indian restaurants in Little India..couldnt resist taking this!

Whos that looking at me???

Black or White???

Me's not lying....The White tiger giving me flying kissy...see I told u na??

Ouch!....Dont play with fire!!

Singapore at night...the warmth embraces u..!

Me...fishy fishy...touchy touchy!!

Green or yellow....fishy says hello!

Dolphins showing off...:-)

p.s:- More & better snaps on Hubbys Dear's blog soon.....