Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Housewife Vacation ends!!

Yes finally the Housewife vacation ends....sigh!!

I have found a job...and the corporate grind begins in just about a day....I start work on Monday...

I have been looking for the right job for a while and now that I seem to have found not sure if I am feeling happy or well just a little sad....for whether u like it or not....after sometime..."the feeling of doing nothing" can just take over you and well u kinda start enjoying being lazy and lethargic!!

And yes I am gonna miss my routine....getting up at 10...then gymming and late lunch...followed by afternoon TV and then a evening walk....well now that I look back....its wasnt that;-))

So as the new days begins it brings with it.....a new hope for a new phase, new excitement and some new adventures in life.....and yes hoping the interesting times continue!.....