Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I said in one of my previous post--I "want" to move..but I dont "need" to...I was wrong!

My landlord called 2 weeks back and asked us to pay higher rent or move out.....the choice was we started hunting for a "bigger" apt with sea-view....After 5 days of ordeal we finally found "a" house...wont say its still "the" Hong Kong..the concept of "the" house is non-existant...moving into a 100sq ft larger apt makes us feel like we'v finally "arrived"! yes..its a full sea-view apartment...(and for those who are gasping)...sea-view apt in HK is not as much a premium as Bombay or elsewhere--becoz HK is made of Islands..there is water everywhere! So Yes we are paying 50% higher rent..for a slightly bigger place...and we thought finally the nightmare is ok....we can now do the house well and make it a humble abode!!

Spoke too soon..the nightmare has only just begun....its an empty apartment...which means all the furniture needs to be made...which is quite a nightmare in HK....becoz most local furniture guys dont understand English!!!

We will be living out of cartons for a while till the furniture arrives...but come to think of it..wont be that bad...for once I can throw my clothes on the floor without feeling guilty...cant remember the last time I did that!!!!

Hubby is gonna be so proud of me for that....So heres to 3 weeks of messy me!!!:-)


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Move Over Bollywood..Farhan's here!

So I assume most of you "normal" people must have watched "Rock On" already...for those who sincere condolences... when women reach 30(and women touching the 30 mark, pls say 'yay'), they dont look for "crushes" anymore...nah nah..wer way to elite for that!..Ahem...So at 30 most of the fairer sex start looking for what I call a target for "mature leching"....and finally Rock On (thankfully)...has given us deprived women that target... "FARHAN AKHTAR"...

Ok so...whats the difference...well while for a naive 20 yr old Farhan might appear "Hot and cute and sexy"...for us hes well...quite.."Adonic", "Stylist" and maybe even "Adorable"....ahem!...use of words like Hot, Sexy, Cute might be well..err..quite "Non-happening"!

So the comments that we 30 yr olds give are usually very well cushioned and one needs to really lip-read to understand what they actually mean....for example...

"Hmm hes aging quite well" -(34 and still so hot!!)
"Didnt he look really appetizing?... (I could eat him up!)
"awww..hes such an adorable guy"...(I know I was marrying the wrong person..Always knew!)
"His voice is so "exciting"!...(What a turn-on!!)

And of course Farhan Akhtar deserves all these comments and even more...he's proved u dont have to do 10 films to "grow as an actor"...either u have it or u dont...Hes a natural charmer!

And If I relook at my "Hit-list of men"- Farhan is high, even higher on it! (NOPPPPEEE--Hit list is not the list of men you want to kill!!!...ah...naivveee!!--u dont need a list for you?) . For the uninitiated ..the hit-list is actually the "Hot-List"-men ur allowed to get naughty with (Yes this is another critical element of the "mature leching" syndrome)

So Farhan...enjoy being on the "Hit-List" of 30 yr olds...till we find another target:-))

p.s:- What the heck...hes what I call total lech material--HOT!!!!