Thursday, December 29, 2005

King Kong

My first movie in HK happened finally and after a long time feel like I went to the zoo-three non-stop hours of mindless creature watching(cageless!)...well thats King Kong for u!

King Kong to me was a classic example of mindless action--sadly the action was not only unimaginative but also boring-and actually being pitched as a Glorified and screwed up far-fetched version of the none other than -Beauty and the beast-Phew!!

The story begins with a Obssessed Movie Director who wants to explore a unexplored island and film it to showcase the world--and well Mr Director cum Explorer would put Columbus to shame for all his brave obsession to explore the island!

To add to that there is a "Oh so pitiable" Ann(supposed to be "beauty") happens to meet our obsessive director and being desparately poor that she is she takes the "big step"(literally) on the ship to explore the island thinking that its actually going to shoot in singapore....

Needless to say the ship does end up reaching the unexplored island(even thou there was every attempt to put a 'kahani mein twist there')-Eureka! The next two hours of the movie can basically be summed up as --Hero of film Mr Beast 'King Kong' makes entry(finally after 1 .5 hrs!), steals our beauty, falls in love with her( How--coz our beauty dances in front of the big beast-uh!--How brave!), and then like the true hero saves her life from the villans in the movie(also four legged), beauty starts liking beast and vice versa, and in the end Beast sacrifices his life (by falling from the tallest building in new york) for his undying love.......Sigh! original!!!

And if this original stuff wasnt enugh....some more "highlights" in the movie:-
1) An absolutely "Zee horror Show" version of the tribals in the Island called "Skull Island" is a must see just for this scene--Outrageously hilarious!!
2) The director of the movie has not only successfully managed to fool the beauty into accepting the role in this crappy movie but also got away with giving her only 3 dialgoues(repeated at regular intervals)- 'Nooooo', 'Beautiful' and of course--tonnnes of screaming!!
3) As if the existing storyline(or the non existence of it) wasnt painful enugh-the story is not devoid of the romance bit-Of course there is the other man in the beauty's life who falls in love with our brave beauty on the ship-hanky pls! (even if he was better looking I would have forgiven his presence in the movie!)
4) Not to forget our very own obsessive Mr columbus who is soooo obsessed with bringing this lost island to the world that even when there are dinasour like creatures running towards him he chooses to film them rather than run.....Paramveer chakra for him pls!
5) Not to be missed the "your are like my son" dialgoues between the two crew members of the ship--Touching!--but err, still to figure out why the hell was that required at all in the movie??....oh have the emotional angle covered...woa!

This -ladies and gentelmen, is King Kong for u!

Err- Mr Director just a tip-its ok for the audience to be mindless while watching a movie, but this doesnt apply to the director while making the movie really!!

Like I said- I'd rather even make a trip to the zoo or watch a movie called Ping Pong, Ding Dong.....whatever!!!!!!!!

p.s:- happy new yr wishes to all fellow bloggers-Happiness always!


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Murphy's Law at work

Time and again it seems to work!

Something happened last week and got me thinking about Murphy's Law and what it is all about and how its ALWAYS just seems to work and crop up in our lives at the absolutely unwarranted times -time and again!

And it happens to EVERYONE--many times over and over again!

Which led me to ask-what is this law really and how the hell does it work and why?

The law states "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" in a given situation-question still remains in my mind--WHY???

How many times do we experience this?
Just when you HAVE to reach someplace on time--the bus (that you normally see atleast every 5 min) doesnt turn up for 20 min.

Just when you dont want your maid to take leave coz ur expecting guests--she does!(without informing u)

Just when u absolutely shouldnt forget your passport at home to catch a flight-you do!

I CAnt even remember the number of times I have said to myself--Just when I DONT want this to happen--it WILL!

Well, whats still a mystery to me how it works all the time unfailingly and even more so-why??-Why do things have to go wrong-sooo wrong when you soo dont want them to?

Well it's almost like saying that "Dont will anything too hard"-coz if you do--you are actually willing for it to "Not happen" rather than happen!--SCARY!!!

The question now is-To will or not to will!?


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Big B-Branded!

Last 2 weeks atleast 50% of the time on the Indian News channels has been dedicated to Big B's illness and of course all the mania associated with it...people worshipping and doing all kinds of rituals for him...etc etc!

Well, I dont have an opinion on whether this kind of adulation is right or wrong-nor am I Big B's biggest fan, but yes I have begun to admire the man over the past few years simply for the personna he has created for himself.

However thinking about it, do beleive that if anyone deserves this kind of adulation(if at all!!), then well probably Big B may be close on the list...

Which got me thinking on why is it that Big B really has become SUCH a big name in India--I mean he is being literally worshipped!!!(in an era where sons dont even care for their own parents!) me the answer is not soo much his acting or his Hero antics on screen as his "almost hero like" image off screen as well!!..

Here is a man who plays hero to millions of fans on screen, who idolise him as being the perfect son, father, lover, of principles...blah, blah and well he has successfully managed to pull off the same image for himself alive off screen as well....Kudos!

Its amazing how over a career running thru decades..there has hardly ever been anything negative written about Big B as a pub brawls, no hunting episodes or mistreating girlfriends etc etc....

To me Big B is probabably one of the best examples of a great brand. Any brand typically goes through three basic phases in its lifecycle:-
1) Initiation
2) Growth (includes Peak)
3) Decline

Although Big B's initiation into this industry was not an easy one--he reached growth with zanjeer , which of course was the beginning of the growth phase for him. Clearly one of the reasons for the stupendous success of the angry young man "Brand" was that it actually mirrored the reality of the society in terms of unemployment, poverty and frustation amongst the youth.

However this was followed by a natural decline with films like Jaadugar making it clear that it was time to exit...!

And yet Big B is still there...why?..well coz the only way to give a second life to a brand is to rebrand it!...create a new brand and KBC did just that for him!...(although it was tried earlier too with music vidoes like Abby baby which failed miserably)...

Fact is there are very few brands in the world which have gone thru successful rebranding and emerged as winners both times and Big B is clearly one of them..a classic example of growth yet again!

Well either ways..for the sake of all his fans and for all the timeless entertainment he has provided us.....hope we continue to see him on screen for a long time!