Friday, August 29, 2008


Yes its finally here...I think the only think I pray for more than Fridays these days is Typhoon....Typhoon in HK means a free holiday...

Ok I think this is going to be one of those posts where u reach the end and wonder..what was the point of this post anywayz.......but then after working like an ass 5 days a week for last 6-7 years if you still havent realised that its all pointless anywayz....then u need therapy...u do!

And not that there is any Kick-ass weekend planned...but what the hell , its TGIF anywayz...!..So am starting the weekend with a few drinks at Hubbys office --yes there have a bar kinda thing where on fridays people choose to hang ard with office people even though the week is officially over! (I told u there are enugh weird people in the world....)

So the drinks will be followed by a sexy , cozy, romantic dinner date with Hubby in a new french restaurant we have discovered (plus am wearing a pretty ZARA dress today which deserves a good restaurant) and will end with a silly movie called "Made of honor"....

The next few weeks will be eventful...Hubby is off to Brazil for 2 weeks on work!!...( I mean who the hell does that....go to brazil on work?????????????).....So I also parallely take off to bangkok for work....

Wanting to shift to a new house...a bigger we dont "really" need one..but If I say I am bored of the current one isnt that reason enugh??...House hunt last week was pretty dissapointing...I mean how much choice can you have moving from one pigeon hole to another...oh of course...pigeon hole with better woodwork or maybe an extra cupboard...that makes up for the psychotic rents...doesnt it?

Am this time not compromising on a full sea-view apartment..AM NOT!!....

Listening to Jagjit Singh in Office now...its 6:10...weekend official starts...NOW!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Misery of Names...

This topic really came from the recent baby boom that has been around us....coz presumably we have reached (or rather already crossed) the age by which we should have adorned parenthood!(ouch...ok so I have nearly revealed my age with that one...or are you guys smart enugh to figure that?:-)

So obviously all our school, college and other peer mates are now either already with little "babies or babas" or getting there or well trying to get there...phew!...(just writing this is exhaustive...imagine actually being in it!!)

And so with one such potential parents we were having a random discussion on names and how the types of names has evolved over the period of time.....and to me there seem to be four broad phases of this evolution:

1) The "lata/mati/Bala/veer/Kar/Kumar/Bhanu phase:- Simply refers to the phase where parents actually believed in the "2 in 1" system...where the one name in effect had 2 potential names one could pick and choose what to call the person....Example names like Charu-lata, Madhu-mati/mita, Chandra-bala/Surya-veer/Chit-bhanu...yes these are real names...dont laugh...!

2) The "Mahabharat/ Mythological Phase":- Refers to the 90's and even early 2000 Gen...where after the Mahabharat/ Ramayan onslaught on TV every parent believed they were giving birth to a potential "Arjun" or "Abhimanyu" kids with names which were not of sanskrit origin or had a "larger than life meaning"were literally items of sympathy....sigh...(pls pls god let Ekta have some sanskrit connection...!)

3) The "Unique Phase":- This has been a more of a epidemic than SARS I think...anything that has been heard or seen before is a names have emerged starting with letters that were unimaginable...the uniquer the better...heard of Kimara, Oas, Titli, Pal(hindi moment)..I think the Ad agencies can take a creative streak from the Gen X parents!

4) The "2050 phase:- These are the parents who either believe that the names in the world have become extint and very soon they will have to figure out other "objects/ things" to take inspiration for names....or they genuinely believe that very soon earth will exist no more and we all will need to shift bag and baggage to Mars and one of the pre-requisite for that is to have names that suit only names based on objectives "Durex, Zero (I swear these two are actual names I have heard in HK) Apple, Peach,Pen, Pax , Avil or Posedemi(whatever that means) etc!

God save the kids of the Next gen....they know not what they'r getting into...err..or rather getting "Out" into!