Monday, July 21, 2008

Why O Why??...

They'r probably the only people in the world who have the power to make you feel a million bucks or plain shit....the power these people have is something that even they havent fully understood!

Even the biggest and baddest men in the world have to sit in front of them with their heads bent and have to be at their mercy! talking about the Hairdressers, stylists or you may choose to call them!!!

I almost get sleepless night a day before and after I visit a parlour in Hong kong!!...I mean this place is suppposed to be a mecca for fashion in Asia....then why the heck cant I find a single good parlour out here?????????????

Last 3 years EVERYTIME...I have gone to a parlour in Hong Kong, they have done everything possible to ensure that I step out of the parlour looking like "MOWGLI"!!


I cant imagine why...why the local hairdressers have obsession to "flatten" your hair soo much and the concept of "Volume" in hair just doesnt seem to exist!(ok men this might be too technical for u..but nevertheless!)..They JUST....DONT...UNDERSTAND NON CHINESE HAIR!! sucks!
Yesterday despite my heart not wanting..I went to visit a so to say "highly recommended parlour" coz I desparately needed a cut (according to Hubby....who simply cant understand why any women would want hair longer than a boycut!!)..And needless to say...I am yet again .."MOWGLI" today.....

Only thing left to do is walk around in cheetah undies and jump around the banayan tree veins... singing..."Jungle Jungle Baat chali hai ..Pata chala hai..Chadi Pahan ke Phool khila Hai!"