Wednesday, July 26, 2006

To J...from E

Sometimes people enter your life and just rule over your heart completely...they enter as friends and leave as family....

I moved to bangalore ....first time outta home... in 2001 and was alone in the city, stranded...trying to settle down in the job(thx to a horrible boss) and searching for a house and missing home tonnness.....

And then happened to meet J through some common frds and she too was looking for a partner to share the house with and we started the house hunt together...not realising that in the 3 yrs together....we would not be sharing the house but each others life as well.....

J and me were family...doing everything together....remember all the treks, trip, outing we had, all the crazy movies we saw, all the low times she and I had, the first surprise bday party she threw(my best bday ever) and all the surprise bday parties each yr after that, all the times she was there beside me when I was sick..all the time we talked and chatted for hrs, all our post dinner walks followed by juice.....watching TV together, eating dinner together everyday, paying bills, all the time she cooked and I sat and watched TV and got served:-)...she being there ALL the time during my wedding, coming to chennai to see me the last time in blore.....EVERYTHING....

Bangalore felt home coz I had a family in her....and now that shes moving on for further studies I know blore will never feel the same J to wait at the airport late night to welcome me:-(

But I want you to know you will always remain special to me!...and at this moment of celebration when you are stepping into a new phase of life to fulfill your PHD dream....all I can say is that....I still will be your family no matter which part of the world u are in....I will be by your side whenever you need me....

All the very best J deserved this for all the hard work and effort you made and u deserve the best of everything....just be your lovable self always and u will continue to win many hearts and find a family everywhere u go....


Friday, July 21, 2006

Yuppiiiee time!!

Its been almost 6 mths since I last visited a new country/city.....and now was literally itching to take off....

And finally now we'r off to singapore for 3 days this weekend....yupppiieeee....And yes its gonna be a nice "family touristy outing".....coz ma and pa are coming along too...hubby dear is playing an award winning performance of the "damad trying to impress in-laws" role!;-)...(kissiess and huggiess to u baby!)

Looking forward to the zoo( havent been in a zoo since nappy days!) and waterpark, the shopping at orchard road, the yummmmy food and yes catching up with few friends as well....

Statutory warning :-Hubby Dear pls keep a close eye on all the excitment I might actually end up inside the cage and you might end up holding hands and taking a romantic walk with a koala bear!

So all u zoo out...the crazy gal is gonna be on the loose soooonnn!!!

p.s:-I think I am already getting dreams of the trip now...I had a dinosaur dream last night and I think he bit me...!!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Planoholic big deal....everyone is like me....or atleast 10% people are like me (same thing).....and yeah am a planoholic....!!

Well over the past 1.5 be specific since marriage( and since I had to start sharing my home, room, bed, bedsheets etc etc with someone else)...have realised I am a planoholic....I plan..almost...EVERYTHING...its like I almost know how my day tomorrow is gonna go coz I run thru it a day before in my mind.....!

I know whats gonna be made for lunch/dinner the next day and maybe the day after next too..
What I am going to do first thing in the morning and after I reach office...
What clothes and shoes I am gonna wear for the next three days....
My schedule on return from office till I go to sleep....
When I will take my medicines the next day(pre/post dinner)...
How much time I will spend in the loo and taking a bath(yes I have clocks in both Bathrooms)....etc etc....

And well yeah...planning is one thing....but I get really(I mean really ) upset if for some reason things dont go as planned.....maybe its a fetish....but hubby dear has been bearing the brunt of it.

Example ...while leaving for office in the morning one day I got dressed and Hubby dear remarked that the outfit I wore for some reason wasn't suiting me..!!..I went in and changed and after that sulked for 10 minutes and then demanded that Hubby dear tell me exactly why the dress wasnt suiting me when it suited others!!!.

After some exchange of words...I accepted the agitation was not for the dress but coz Hubby dear had upset my "plan" to wear that wasnt important if I looked bad in that was more important that my plans dont get screwed!

Ok so maybe this is a compulsive behaviour....or what the heck am a psycho...sue me!:-)

Am I the only one around?


Monday, July 17, 2006

What they say...

And what they mean.

Wife:- Baby, can you please dry the clothes
Hubby:- Sure. In a while.
Hubby:- Will do when am not watching TV, eating, sleeping or playing games on my cell.

Wife:- Honey, there is a cockroach in the kitchen can u pls help kill it??
Husband:- Sure. Why dont you first try and swipe it with the right behind u...
Husband:- And will stay behind u!

Husband:- Baby...I had been to the electronic shop today...met X there...he was bought the new Nokia cell.
Husband:- Ok so I want one too!

Husband:- Do you think we need a new camera?
Husband:- Basically have made up my mind to buy the camera...just pop a yes and it'll be delivered tomorrow

Husband:- Now this is what I call a beautiful girl
Husband:- Man, is she hot!!

Husband:- "X" and me are planning to do this trip "alone"....without our wives..remember we agreed that we both have space in marriage....?
Husband:- Ok..I need to do this trip without u..coz I want to binge on tonnnes of beer and oogle at babes....!!

Husband:- Yuppiee my bday is only 5 months away!!
Husband:- Its high time you started thinking about my present!

Husband:- Btw isnt ice-cream supposed to be good for acidity?
Husband:- Ok so I finished the whole pack today!

Please note...this is a purely fictitious piece...any resemblance or inspiration from any individual living or dead is purely intentional!":-))


Thursday, July 13, 2006


Was going through our Bali trip snaps and for some reason(actually for no reason at all) when I looked at these made me wanna post these snaps....ok so this is a random post!!!

Guess something about these snaps made me wanna soaaarrrr once again!!!..(part of hubby's dear experimentation with his photography and as usual I was the "jumping" guinea pig!)

Soooaaarinng up high....the air up there feels different!

I believe I can Fly....

I Believe I can touch the sky:-)

About to reach the ground!:-(

Grounded for Life with Hubby Dear:-)

Thx sweetheart for taking these snaps and for making me jump soooooo many times just to get the "right" snaps that my heart nearly popped outta my mouth!..Muwaaahhhhhss to u!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

To my Co-worker

I am angry, irritable, rude and mean right now...yeah am human!

I am waiting for the day when she needs my help badly and I can sit back, look at her irritating face and say "Sorry would have loved to help , but you see its not a part of my job!"...@#$%#%

Chinese co-worker, curt and rude, rigid, racist, inefficient and unprofessional.

This post is dedicated to this lady who works with me....and defines unprofessionalism...heres a few words for u lady!

1) There are people around better than u-They look better, they are in a higher grade, are a zillion times more intelligent(have u heard of that word before???) and tonnes more smarter than u and thats why they are where they are and u are where u are...LIVE WITH IT!

2) I have worked my ass off to be where I am and I deserve to be here. You too deserve to be where you are. If you have your insecurities in life, deal with them on your own. I am not your best buddy (and dont have intentions of being one), nor your lover/hubby nor ur mom(god bless her) to take any shit from you!

3) Unprofessionalism in work place is more obvious than Big boobs from low cut blouses....if you think people dont see you shying away from work think again!

4) Team work doesnt mean having 2 hr lunches with your colleagues-grow up!

5) Your behaving like a mobile Job description and narrating "Its not a part of my job" for everything that sounds like work is not gonna fool people into believing that you want free pay!! Being rude to people is also not part of your Job..or is it!!!!!???

6) To get anywhere in life you need to work with people..not against them sweetheart!


Ok So I am irritable, and irritable and mean right now...Sue me!..But some people just need too see the absolutely blunt side of me and she truely is one!


Friday, July 07, 2006

Ma and Pa in Town-Part II

Ok its been almost 4 weeks since parents come down and needless to say life has changed...and thankfully for the better..especially when I desparately needed them!!

And all my efforts and preparation "in anticipation of every flaw that mom could have discovered in my housekeeping skills" as cited in part 1 (scroll down for part 1) of the post has paid off and parents were more surprised than impressed--"U managed all this"??(pls note with a gaped expression on face)...thx mom and dad for the confidence bestowed:-))!

The first two weeks since hubby was away partying and oogling at "beautiful girls with ocean blue eyes and god gifted complexion" (those are his words), I was at home getting all the pampering and attention I could ask for by parents!..No complaints!:-)

Hadn't imagined that the existence of parents in your life(specially when ur not used to it) can create such a difference- there are some serious consequences when parents visit kids:-

1) The house (please note a 800 Sq feet apartment which is a luxury by HK standards) , an apartment where you barely have space to move things ard has already been arranged and rearranged 3 times....(Only mom could have managed this!)

2) The dissapearance of the concept of "Social life" . I have started receiving "Just checking to see if your alive" messages from the few frds that we have here. Weekends would be for relaxation, eating good home food and sleeping. Partying is more "stressful" than working...according to parents!..(Ahem!)

3) Newer places to buyer newer things from will suddenly be discovered. Veggies I didnt know existed will be available just 10 min from home, thx to dad's exploratory skills...(hmmm!)

4) The maid will either end up becoming a "super maid" before they leave or quit (unable to handle the pressure;-)..(thats the scary one!)

5) Updated news on all the other Indians around will be provided....pls note Indians I didnt even know(or care about ) existed!(???????????) ...there is more spice in the neighbourhood than I realised!

6) Hot food will be served....and freshly made roties.....and tones of pampering.... Weekday right from morning wake up call to breakfast to lunch to dinner and also an apple in between(slyly put in my purse by mom darling) has been taken care of--feel like a queen. (Sigh!)

7) Everything in the house will be in its place..ALWAYS....(Finally..for once!)

8) Mom's lap to sleep on everytime I am tired after office, free head massages and loads of huggsss ( Heaven!:-)

9) Hubby will behave himself...without me having to scream my lungs out!...hehahahah!!(thats the sadistic pleasure!)

10) All serials with "K" will become the only things familiar on screen! Know all the charcter and how many times they have been married and which are the latest saree trends!

11) The thrill of sitting in the bus while returning home from office...and wondering "what would mom have cooked for dinner today"?...

It so cute that at this age parents become quite like kids once again--get enamoured by smaller things in life--they still cant get over the tall, taller and even taller buildings here and want to take a snap of all the tall buidlings possible to show to their friends back home:-)

All the various types of breads in various shapes and sizes and all other baked stuff in the bakeries still amazes them!

Well u realise the value of things only when they are not with u--after staying away from home for almost 5-6 yrs now have realised how indispensible parents really are in our lives!

Right now just waiting to get home and see what has been cooked for dinner!:-))