Thursday, January 04, 2007

Trip to Wonderland

called Disneyland...or so!

As a kid I always dreamt that someday I'd get to be Alice and visit the wonderland called disneyland. And visit I did....but alas...the trip dissapointed me more than making me smile!...It was disneyland all right....but wasnt as impressive as I imagined it to be and of course as the entry fees amount got one to imagine!!

Apparantly disneyland HK is not half as good as the ones in US...its not complete and doesnt have all the attractions as the ones in US and that was a big disappointment....coz I was looking forward to being a 5 yr old again....sigh!!

Nevertheless it did has its good moments namely being the Lion King show, the space ride and the Parade (which again isnt as royal as the US one).....we did manage to capture a few snaps....

Hoping my next trip to Disneyland....makes me see the wonderland in all its glory!!

p.s:- More snaps on Hubbys Dear's post!