Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back to work time!

Yes the good old days of playing a housewife are over yet again!

After a 2 month sabbatical I start work again tomorrow. Its strange how the grass always feels greener on the other side!

While I was playing housewife last 2 months--getting up when I wanted to, eating, watching TV, reading and leading a perfectly envious life....I felt a certain something missing in life...the thrill, excitment, adventure of a worklife!!

And now that I am yet again about to step into the grind of corporate life have been cribbing..."why cant I have a few more days of playing housewife"!!?...

Hubby dear has obviously been calling me a "confused soul"....guess we humans are made that way....always wanting what we dont have!

So well, whether I like it or not...am back to playing the Consultant......and hoping the next 6 months are yet another experience in the series of many that life has offered!:-)


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Diwali Day!

Have realised that festivals are a lot more ceelbrated when one is outside India than when in India!!

Of course being in India has its own feel...but yesterday was my first action packed diwali day!!Needless to say I missed all the yummm sweets and the laxmi pooja done mommy style.....but think Diwali made its presence felt yesterday!

It was our first Diwali at home after marriage and yes the house was cleaned and dutifully lit with diyas and we also attempted a "mommy style" pooja at home with the aarti and laxmi katha.....and of course for the first time since moving to HK I got a chance to wear my Salwar Kameez.....Finally!!!!!!!!!

Post that we paraded to a friends place for a yummy potluck dinner which was preceeded by loads of booze and some really firey games of Taboo and cards.....and somewhere everyone seemed to be happy to be with each other and have friends around on this special day where home is missed so dearly....

The day ended by watching two of our friends getting stripped off every penny they had in a game of cards....played in true diwali "gambling fever style"......

Its strange how we indians create our own little Indians in every part of the world and so dearly hold on to what we have cherished all our lives.....these little moments of joys, togetherness, festivities....want to make you thank god for making you an Indian....I surely do:-)

So all you bloggers before I forget...."Happy Diwali wishes and heres praying for a lovely year ahead....filled with loads of joy and happiness and tonnes of smiles..."

May the Diwali fever live on....!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Am Back!

Yes...after almost 6 weeks...am back again...not just in HK but to blogging too....

And yes...all those poor souls who have been woorking their ass off at work can now curse me coz I have just returned from a 6 weeks vacation.....a vacation which began with a 3 day trip to bangkok followed by 5 weeks in India....Mumbai....with parents...

To add further salt on the wounds of the already "dying with work" souls....the schedule in these 5 weeks included lotsa sleeping, eating,lazing, eating, reading, eating, meeting friends, eating, watching inane stuff on TV and eating yet again!......

I think I have got my quota of pampering for the next 2 yrs...thanx to parents who refuse to accept that am now an adult.....well whatever....whos complaining:-)

Am back now to HK and yes reality.....now I know why they say...reality is always hard to accept...sigh!!!

So now that I am back to being the housewife and religiously waiting for Hubby Dear every evening from work...guess I might as well Blog too;-)))

Thx guys for all the lovely comments on my previous blog....will be visiting ur blogs soon!