Friday, May 20, 2005

Mall Epidemic!

The break-out has happened and there is no cure now!...Its spreading increasingly and steadily in all parts of bangalore.

Bangalore has finally arrived--or so it has been made to sound!

And well has nothing to do with the IT boom, with the increasingly growing(read bursting) cosmopolitan culture, sky-rocket real estate rates(Bombay move aside)....but is purely a factor of the number of malls this city seems to be squeezing into its bosom.

The latest entrant in this epidemic is the Forum/ Bangalore Central entities. And your right--I am one of those who strictly believe that malls are over-rated in terms of what they have to offer as an entertainment value....but ever since the Forum epidemic bangaloreans have started behaving that life without Malls just never was!

Check this out...
Yesterday evening at Forum( not weekend yet), 10 pm show for a Hindi movie....HOUSE FULL(5 hrs in advance)!!!!

Not just that...the mall is bustling with people who are window shopping ,moving up and down the escalator when the shops are already closed!!!!!:-))

Outside the movie room--You can see more kids than adults!!! ( whatever happened to "early to bed"school days and bedtime stories!????)

If you have had a bad day....driving on these two roads can convert you into a murderer!

Even worse the movie seats in PVR dont even slide back--even a Rex and Plaza had better ones dude!!!

Well not saying that Malls have nothing to offer...u get to see the chics and dudes there( if they exist at all!), chance to do AC shopping in the summers and well good place to hang-out without spending a penny, loadsa movies at one place...but then err, other than the AC part doesnt Brigade road offer the same too!?

But to me the biggest change that these malls have brought out for a place like bangalore is to make junta realise that there are chances of life after 10:00 pm and to me that just about makes up for everything else!!:-)))

So much as I may talk abt the ills of Malls...well what the heck!...enjoy them while they stand!