Wednesday, October 17, 2007

La La time...

What is la la time u ask?...

Well its that time in everyones life when we all test the musical geniuses in us...(rather the existence of it!!)

Ahem! I finally started with my first guitar class last week.....and I made sure I kept reinforcing to Hubby dear atleast a few weeks before the class that the world would now see a new "prodigy".....and yes I genuinely believed I was one!!

And yes I entered my first class with a list in my mind of all the songs I wld learn to play in less than a month....prodigy that I was!!

I have been practising and trying to play for 4 -5 days now....And what have I been playing? not hotel california....but "do re me fa..." for almost 4 days now...and "almost" getting there!!...

My fingers are hurting...the shoulder is paining and hands are numb....and "Do re me" doesnt sound anything like it yet....:-(

But well er....who says prodigies were born in 1 getting there....."almost":-))


Friday, October 05, 2007

Living Life Queensize!

and yes thats exactly how it was for a week!

Am back in HK finally and yes to celebrate the comeback....hubby and me took a short vacation to this heavenly place called Boracay in Phillippines (i hope i finally got the spelling right!)

I mean we have been on other excotic vacations before but this by far took the cake...and no not so much becoz of the place itself (of coures the place was gorgeous)..but the hotel we stayed in..a place called Discovery Shores apparantly opened only 6 months back) made it every bit worth the while!!

Its amazing how a little resort tucked away in a serene island can define the standards for service!!...

Little things like offering free juice , cookies the whole day....complimentary appetizers, ice-cream when your out in the jacuzzi, little things like the waiters on their own clean your shoes /floaters with water when you walk into the resort from the beach so that your rooms dont get dirty...and the this one completely took the cake....the staff there would actually clean your feet with a towel and wipe off the sand from it when you come back from the beach!!!!...I mean who does things like this?????????....and if this aint queen like treatment what is???

The resort itself was bang on the beach...white shimmering sand, with green exotic beaches.....and little sail boats just about made for a perfect scenery....and of course not to forget the "almost broke my bones kinda massage...sigh!!!

Pics yet to be uploaded.....will follow soon..but was telling Hubby what a mistake hes made by taking me this is the kinda treatment I would expect "ALL THE TIME"!!!!

But I think what made it most special was the lovely people....warm, friendly and willing to give you a lovely smile everytime they see you and of course Hubby couldnt stop oogling at the absolutely hot women (especially the resort staff!!)!

So well there is definately gonna be another time in Discovery shores....waiting to be treated like a queen again....ahem!!....(anyone listening??:-))