Friday, July 27, 2007

Aha Moments!!

Aha Moments!

These exist. In all our lives. At various Phases. Sometimes we realise them, sometime we dont.

And just in case that start gave u the impression that am going to go on a philosophy trip...relax! not!Am referring more to the lighter but essential enlightenments of life which dawn on you once in a while out of the blue.

Past couple of years these have been happening quite a lot for some strange reasons !

Now Aha moments for me are not purely enlightenment moments, but are enlightenment moments which have come in slightly late in life than they do for most people. If for e.g. I had been exposed to these truths slightly earlier (or quite earlier as most people are) my reaction would have been a plain "Cool"...but coz I have been a "slow species" my reaction for most of these has ranges from "Ooh", " Aah", "Ur kidding me"...which is why these fall under my category of Aha moments.

Now why these simple learnings which form a part of natural growing up have become Aha moments for me is a different story altogether...but as a friend of mine terms it...I seemed to have had a "deprived childhood"...(Blame it on my parents!)

A couple which I remember off the hat distinctly go like this:-

1)A pig has an Orgasm that lasts as long as 30 min!!...and well thats too too too high compared to humans!(oops--I realised this only after marriage really!)
2)Animal porn is not about 2 animals, but about animal and man!(YUUUKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!)
3)Any man who says sex was bad lying!
4) A zebra is white with black stripes???? (How can u tell?)
5) An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brains....(I thought that was the case with humans!:-)
6) A healthy individual releases 3.5 oz. of gas in a single flatulent emission, or about 17 oz. in a
day....(so thats how u know if ur healthy...uh!???)
7)(This one came in much earlier but remember it nevertheless)...Kids are not born through the naval!(What the hell was my Bio teacher teaching me anywayz??!!)

Ok this is not a porn blog!...but just that I have the right to feel excited about my Aha moments and share the same!!

And well like I said before these moments come to all (and I refuse to accept otherwise!)....its all a part of, as they say, "growing up" am growing up...FINALLY!:-)

So what are your Aha Moments??


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tagged again!!

Have to crown anuja the queen of the universe!...Well anuja even if I would have met the 8 hr deadline...i cldnt have been able to deny that Anuja is the Queen of the Universe...Hail all!:-)

Yes the choice was to write my tag within 8 hrs or tag Anuja the queen of the universe....not much of a

So here goes my list

1) Everything in the house--has to- absolutely has to be in the right place

2) I need to know the WHOLE PLAN before I adventure out of the house!

3) I need to pee atleast twice before I sleep every night!!

4) All my clothese have to fit in perfectly--not 1 inch loose or tight--needless to say the tailor knows my statistics better than my hubby;-)

5) Each strand of my hair has to be in the right place... I will comb my hair relentlessly before venturing out!

6) In the Gym I have to follow the same routine everytime--I cant do weights after cardio--no way!

7) Everytime I see a temple I have to join my hands...

8) At work I have to start my day with a "to do list" even if I really have no work for the day!

Those being tagged are:-
Keshi, Twisted DNA, lil kath, Bob, Starry nights...!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Staying with parents

And being Ma and Pa's little girl again!..

Well have been in Bombay for almost 4 months now and staying with folks after almost 7 yrs since i moved outta home!

It almost feels like "Getting back home" feeling...its a bit strange though too! Its a place with whom we have spent the maximum amount of time and yet after a point of time it gets difficult to stay for too long with them!!

Needless to say I love my folks a lot like everyone else...but realised that having stayed out for so long..u get so used to ur own "space" that u yearn for it....Its wierd how once we grow out of our cocoons its so difficult to get back into it!

Little things like having to think about calling them whenever u get late or wondering if ur too late coming home from a party and if they must be worried...u get so used to being a freebird that all this which came naturally once upon a time...feels like an effort now.

But of course no one can take away the fact that "NOONE" read "NOONE" can love u as selflessly as they do and pamper u as unconditionally as they do...and for that...I love them!!