Tuesday, December 05, 2006

For the Bday Boy!

Today its the bday of the most special person in my life....my baby, my sweetiepie, my shonu monu...yeah my hubby dear!!!!!!!!!

This little post is dedicated to the little boy inside my hubby who loves the idea of bdays and celebrations, who is excited with anything that can make him feel special, who enjoys the idea of bday parties and is absolutely thrilled with being loaded with gifts on his bday(and at any given point of time:-))

I am reminded months in advance that the Bday is approaching and that my preparations need to start....hints about what would be preferable bday gifts are also given at appropriate times....hahah....have I told u that I just love u for all this crazy excitment you create...:-)

So dearest honeybunch....just want to tell u that its your day today and hope this day marks the beginning of many more wonderful days to come in your life, that you feel special every day of your life and that may all the happiness and joy in the world be yours forever!!

May the kid in you keep the spirit of celebration alive always!!

Happy Birthday dearest Bday boy!!!:-))

Lotsa love and tonnes of tight huggies and kissess.....

The Wife!


Friday, December 01, 2006

Notes from a Bored Housewife

I quit!....Yes I quit my F***** up job....that was the only way of remaining sane!

And yes am back to being a boring housewife again...!

Life as a housewife sounds busy...all the cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping that one needs to do (ahem...i have a maid for most of these though!).....so the biggest question everybody seems to ask me is..."So how is life being a housewife?".....

Well...Hubby dear has put it well..."Its the best job that u can do right now".....and now that I evaluate it...it has every element of a job u see....

1) I spend so much time with the laptop chatting with friends that am afraid I might have an affair with it soon
2) I have lunch "meetings" with Oprah--oprah show couldnt have better timing:-)
3) My "assignments" include making special dinner requests for hubby and planning for parties...(p.s:- we'r having a predated Bday party for hubby dear tomorrow)
4) The absence of my "reportee"(the maid:-)....is the biggest "stress" factor in my job as a housewife....
5) Hubby leaving office at 6:00 pm sharp is one of the major sources of "excitment" in my job as a housewife
6) I am soon gonna develop an expertise on programs aired on Discovery channels...I know the timing of practically every serial on the channels...have found a new best friend at work...the TV!

No wonder many housewives get addicted to their jobs...its a job noone wants to quit.....!!!....

Well for now am trying to catch in all the 'work experience" in my job as a housewife...till I get into the corporate rut again...as they say ..."a good work experience never goes waste":-)