Monday, May 19, 2008

hmm aaahmmm

Good--Its Monday...some work got done...big shit off my head...

Bad--Havent had time to do any Blogging last few weeks....

Ugly--Being surrounded by people who are rude, insensitive, dumb, stupid, uninspiring, social loafers...all in one!!!

Good--Parents-in-Law were here for 3 months...and yes I survived through it...hehehe (that was a sly mean one:-))

Bad--Shoulder Pain still there--and now lower back is adding to my bane too

Ugly--Why is the Damn Sun still hiding behind the silly coulds even in the thick of may...what ever happened to those nice bright sunny days and my lovely summer dresses!!!

Good-- Am off from this madness away from two weeks to Toronto in June to see my best friend...Yuppiieee!!

Bad--Discovering am not a musical prodigy after guitar skills suck

Ugly--My thighs..which forever keep expanding inspite of all the gym...Damn being older!!!