Thursday, October 28, 2004

Another one Bites the Dust

This time its me!

Knew it would happen some time--not that it happened suddenly--was geared up enough for it and was pretty much in control till it actually started happening.

Got a cool gold ring with three diamonds(one advantage of getting engaged)....which according to my friends changed my status from half married to 75% married. Does that mean am done for or that I still have hope..hah!:-)

Was a sweet ceremony where after lotta "namaste" and "nice to meet u"..and "saroo choice che"( nice choice!)...from probably the largest gujju community at one place(60-70) of them together that I have handled....we finally exchanged rings, got stuffed with sweets and yup collected loads moolah!!!(another advantage of getting engaged!;-)

Its been a week since the engagement and still trying to answer the " does it feel" question. Not sure if it feels any different, if it was supposed to??

Life seems the same....boss is not having any more mercy on me by loading me with less work, I still stay with my roomie, boyfriend (sorry fiance) still travels a lot, mom still treats me like am just outta school, still to watch a porn movie.......!!!...hmm

Maybe thats the beauty of it all......probably the best part about this new aspect of my life.....the great part about him....lets me be....seems to fit in perfectly!:-))



Monday, October 04, 2004

Terminal Gump!

Tom hanks does it again!

Well no denying he a great actor and yup Terminal may have seats occupied for a while( thanks largely to Hanky dear)...but er..correct me if am wrong...dont you guys think the forest gump hangover is lasting a bit toooo long on hunky hanky??!

I love that guy..really do...but just that..there is soooo much more variation potential in him that it almost pains to see yet another version of gump!:-(

Well to begin with terminal did get me laughing and quite a lot--had its great moments! the trick about earning money by arranging strolleys in the terminal!(wow!!...thats the kinda job one would kill for...simple and sweet!), hanky dear trying to figure out the camera!(brilliant performance!), hanky making a bed for himself at the terminal with the seats and taking a bath at the terminal wash basin.....almost wished I had come to theatre with a "I love u hanky" placard!:-)

But...keeping hanky aside for awhile --trying to figure out what was the movie all about???? and coz its by Mr Spielberg!....well the director guess got sooo enamoured by hanky that focussed only on him and hoped everything else would just fit in...on its own!...

Well Mr Spielberg...err..sorry to didnt...every other character..seemed to be there to justify hanky dear's character...and Miss catherine Zeta jones...well atleast u looked gorgeous...will let the rest of ur existence in the movie pass...All of hanky's friends and the field commissioner who me thinks were trying to figure out through the movie why the hell did he take this role?!;-)

Phew! that I have said enugh "not so good things" abt the movie I cld think recommends u see the movie once..its a good laugh...and yes for hunky hanky's sake...just to relive the gump!