Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Had decided positively that today would be a no blogging day..coz my fans have been overwhelmed by my blogs in the past 2 months and needed to give them some time to recover!

In short..I didnt have a topic to blog on....untill--infinitea happened!

Well this is one of those "cool-weekend-sack-out-lunch-places-which-serve-tea-to-get-you-high" kinda places!!

Name says it a huge range of exotic teas and also something they call "Aged Tea"...coooollll!

And nope am not getting paid to advertise for this place--but just that am in a "Do the human race some good" mood and hence sharing this "must check out" with all my fans and for all those of you in and around cunningham road...great escape route for a mid week!

My pick of the day was lasagne with litchi ice tea..AWEEESOMMMEEEE!!

p.s:- They are bold enugh to not serve any cold drinks!!( missed my mirinda dose but the Litchi Ice tea more than made up for it!)

Decent range of tea and food just about makes it worth the while too!

But the "do not miss" parts are also the tea specific painting they have on the wall with some cool pics and written stuff....check this one out-"Woman are like tea bags , never know how strong they are till they get into hot water"...yayayay! (Wonder what that means though;-)

Good music, loads of colour on the walls..amazing paintings, cozy look, yummm food and tea to get you high(sans alcohol!)....perfect pick for a mid day, mid week getaway, especially if you start and end your day with "ek cup chai"!....

p.s again:-There are these golden round coin like chocolates kept at the counter and we were wondering if they were tea flavoured chocs too?..but we were too full to test..anyone going there next time pls try them and let me know..puhhlllessss

I obviously have just returned from lunch and writing this blog immediately as I still continue to be in my "raving about this place mood!"....

So while all of you who have just finished eating your canteen lunches turn green as you read my blog..I continue to rub my tummy(literally)!



Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Flying Around!

This is simply gotta be one of the best games that you would put in the category of "timepass during office hours"....

Let your arrow keys determine whether you dance with a babe or get boxed by a wrestler!

Takes some time to load , but its worth it!....

I started off with sitting on a chair magic chair with wings, followed by dancing with a babe and finally landed up in space doing break dance with a robot!!!

How much cooler does it get!!


Monday, June 28, 2004

My first time..


On saturday. Something that I had been trying my best to push away for as long as possible, but guess finally gave into the temptation and got seduced...

Was quite scary in the beginning, wasnt sure how the first experience would be, but according to him I was great for a first time!!...Full relief happening.

Phew!...first time is always difficult..but guess woman and machine are not supposed to be the best of combinations anywayz!

Yes my first driving experience is what am trying to talk about here..!

Drove a Ford Ikon..and after a lotta push and persual over the past couple of months I realised I would eventually have to get my hands on the wheel! saturday seemed to be the day.

We had been on a long drive to this amazing place called Shivasamudram and on the way on the way I decided to finally try my hand at the wheels.

It took me precisely 7 minutes to understand the clutch, gear and break funda and another 5 minutes to get the wheels rolling and after that I totally killed it!!!Woaaa!
Of course I did commit blunders of calling the reverse gear "the 6th gear"...but then hey what's wrong in thinking big!

By all means...(with no exaggeration) I was definately a visual delight in the car and displayed the potential to do the female community proud and prove that woman and machine may not be made for each other but can survive in each others company!:-)..

It felt great just being there holding the wheel and let things pass by you and having the control of stopping whenever you wanted--almost wished life would come with wheels!!

And as much as I thot and dreaded I DID NOT bang into anything or remotely come near banging into anything alive or screeching!...Full Proudness happening--am a natural!:-))

So after my first pleasurable experience am all set to set the wheels on fire!....ZOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!:-))


Monday, June 21, 2004

Golf and me

And the disaster continues.

Golf and Me are not particularly the best of combinations together.

Realised this a couple of months back but choose to ignore it like how we usually like not accepting unpleasant hard facts of life!

However after my second embarrasing attempt at it..cld'nt deny it anymore--I AM A BAD GOLFER!

This weekend as a part of a pampering schedule of one of my friend we had gone golfing. Now the word "Golf" sounds very glamourous till you actually play it--then it is outright embarassing!

To begin we weren't even allowed to play golf on the ground coz according to the rules of the place "We need to know how to play golf to play there"!!...

Ok now please someone answer me...How are amatuers like me even expected to attempt to try and work on these embarrasing aspects of our lives if we are not even allowed to play (mind you not like we are not paying for it or something!)??!!!...This is outright cruelty to mankind and I personally think some sport supporting organization should this up as "Cruelty to amatuer Golfers" ..maybe even do a dharna outside the resort!

Anywayz we the "Unpriveledged wannabe Golfers" are then given the option of playing on what is called as "Driveway"..basically which is basically a simulation of the golf course..more like infants who are put through KG to show them what school would be like..and then they realise schools are never like kindergarden!!!...

Anywayz when we reached the "Driveway" to try you luck and finally settled on our patch..guess what I see...A little girl( maybe 4 yrs old) who was holding the golf Stick higher than her height..was hitting the ball like had been playing for years!!!!....I took my stick and my ball bucket and tried to settle for a patch far away. Enough embarrasments already for the day.

And then as expected....My friends watched patiently as I tried and tried and tried atleast three-four hits (at the minimum) before the stick could even connect the ball..forget actually giving it a swing! And even when it did connect, it barely reached 50m.
p.s:The little chinese girl was actually managing atleast 75m. Embarrasement at its peak and friends being really nice and supportive.

The good part was....most of my friends were not at their best(sadistic pleasures) in our last vain attempt to pep up our performance each swing was associated with how much one loves his/her boyfriend/girlfirend and obviously a miserable shot was associated with a loser in love and vice versa...this was pressure tactics at its best and for some it it actually worked!!!

As if this embarresment was not enough to top it all this entire "event" was being filmed on handycam by my friends each taking turns to capture "Who is the best loser of us all"! much for memory sake!

And so after hitting 100 odd balls across varied destinations(amongst 4 of us) we finally gave up and I for one accepted the fact that Golf and me are not the most pleasant of combinations...sigh! (Hard fact of life!)

The end hands and arms are paining and complaining as if to say "Do'nt You dare do this to us again..grrr!!..:-(

So have accepted the fact that am not Tiger woods or anything evenly remotely close in the making....and will stick to pictionary and play it safe!:-)

p.s:- Maybe..Just Maybe..will give it one more shot...just one more!:-))


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Aha Moments!

These exist. In all our lives. At various Phases. Sometimes we realise them, sometime we dont.

And just in case that start gave u the impression that am going to go on a philosophy trip...relax! not!Am referring more to the lighter but essential enlightenments of life which dawn on you once in a while out of the blue.

Past couple of month these have been happening quite a lot for some strange reasons and well..most of the these have been around the forbidden topic of Sex and the likes...!

Now Aha moments for me are not purely enlightenment moments, but are enlightenment moments which have come in slightly late in life than they do for most people. If for e.g. I had been exposed to these truths slightly earlier (or quite earlier as most people are) my reaction would have been a plain "Cool"...but coz I have been a "slow species" my reaction for most of these has ranges from "Ooh", " Aah", "Ur kidding me"...which is why these fall under my category of Aha moments.

Now why these simple learnings which form a part of natural growing up have become Aha moments for me is a different story altogether...but as a friend of mine terms it...I seemed to have had a "deprived childhood"...(Blame it on my parents!)

A couple which I remember off the hat distinctly go like this:-

1)A pig has an Orgasm that lasts as long as 30 min!!...and well thats too too too high compared to humans!(oops!)
2)Animal porn is not about 2 animals, but about animal and man!(YUUUKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!)
3)Any man who says sex was bad lying!
4)(This one came in much earlier but remember it nevertheless)...Kids are not born through the naval!(What the hell was my Bio teacher teaching me anywayz??!!)

Ok this is not a porn blog!...but just that I have the right to feel excited about my Aha moments and share the same!!!

And well like I said before these moments come to all (and I refuse to accept otherwise!)....its all a part of, as they say, "growing up" am growing up...FINALLY!:-)


Monday, June 14, 2004

Not 25 anymore...

..Coz i just entered my 26th year of what women term as "Maturity"..on 12th!..and today is the first working Monday of my 26th year!

And in case I was assuming it would be any different I was wrong...I still DONT feel like working today!

Does it feel any different?..Nope not really and anyone who says that entering a new year makes them feel different should be seriously taken to the corner of the room and grilled for 5 hours to extract what on earth makes them say such arbid statement?!!!

....I still have the same BOSSMATE who refuses to realise that he's occupying my cubicle which is rightfully "only" mine!, still have to work 12 hrs a day, my dabbawalla still gives same old food, I still bite my nails, parents still get difficult at times...and the list goes on...

Ever wondered how it would be if you got up on the day of your Bday and suddenly found something changed--like that's what bday was supposed to be about...ever year something different--like in your 15th yr your face suddenly changed , and in 18th yr-you became extremely sexy looking and in 22nd year your reading habits suddenly changed!!! I know thats arbid too..but then like I said turning 26 hasnt really changed anything!...I still think as arbidly as before!:-)

And well the wildest of the lot would be if after one bday when your just turning 26 suddenly your age goes back and you turn 24!!!!....


Well...ok the point of this blog suddenly feeling old!!!...and its sinking in yet...crossed 25 years of existence already and maybe 25 yrs more to go! hey guess what!! in the first yr of my second innings!!...just about starting out maybe...alive and kicking for the second phase...LIFE HERE I COME:-))


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

...And Life Rocks...

Was in a rick today morning on the way to office and realised Life rocks!
Why???...No idea!

Guess sometimes these things happen..suddenly ..out of the blue! and thank god for these "Aha Moments"

Trying to figure out why I felt that way suddenly...some possible reasons:-

1) Made a trip to bombay and ahmedabad this weekend and got a few important things settled down!
2) Got royally pampered in ahmedabad , met adorable set of people, tonnes of amazing food, lived in a awesome BIIG house which actualy had peacocks in the courtyard and where u didnt need to go "out" to take a walk!
3) Saw Hum Tum yesterday--Not as bad as Yuva--loved rani's hairstyle( thank god for small mercies of life)!
4) My room got revamped yesterday nite--that too as a surprise!!!...(by two darlings-- love u guys:-)
5) I finally managed to find my box of ferrero rochers which I thot i had lost--Thank God--saved me from a sin!
6) Started my day with Yummmm cake baked by mommmy from bombay!
7) Works's been hectic but in control--basically bossmate has been away from my cubicle most of the week:-)
8) I had pizza yesterday for dinner:-)

Could be all, one and none of these reasons...either which ways am not trying to figure out!..and how does it matter anywayz!

Now to begin with these reason seem petty--but look at it that way--Not everyone can go to the moon!..

That brings me back once again to my favourite quote--"May you live in Interesting Times"....trying hard to...everyday..but sometimes just comes easy...Thank God for small mercies(This line is the flavour of the day!)....yet again..always...!:-)

P.S:- No am not in a senti mood...just that my SOH is at an all time low today..not been blogging for awhile so rusted a bit!..will be back soon though :-)


Tuesday, June 01, 2004

If only...

...Am in one of those "If only" moods today....!

Very dangereous this type of mood is...all great discoveries and inventions were started with these two words...Imagine where would we be today if the Einstein's and Galileo's of the world had'nt been in this mood!

And what are my If Onlyies...for the day??...Here goes the list..

If only...
.... I did'nt have to work but get paid as much
.... I had a chocolate house where I could get up in the morning and eat the bathroom tap!(Hint!Hint!) :-):-)
....Mommy could be with me everytime I wanted a hug and pampering and nice food and then go back to bombay everytime I need to party late;-)
....I did'nt have to wax, or do my eyebrows, underarms(ouch!!..that one's bad!!)...:-(
....On the first of every month I got up in the morning and Voila! ...had a new hairstyle!
.....God had'nt made something called Milk--Yuukkk!(thank god for bournvita!)
.....There was real santa claus
.....I had a candy floss machine at home...yummmm:-)
.....I was big enough to ride a enfield bullet:-(
.....All my good friends were always with the same city
.....Everyday would be "Ekta Pampering day"(Hint!!Hint!!)

.....If only...if only...time would stop...!

or maybe not!!...would like to have a fresh list of If onlyies tomorrow:-)