Monday, June 14, 2004

Not 25 anymore...

..Coz i just entered my 26th year of what women term as "Maturity"..on 12th!..and today is the first working Monday of my 26th year!

And in case I was assuming it would be any different I was wrong...I still DONT feel like working today!

Does it feel any different?..Nope not really and anyone who says that entering a new year makes them feel different should be seriously taken to the corner of the room and grilled for 5 hours to extract what on earth makes them say such arbid statement?!!!

....I still have the same BOSSMATE who refuses to realise that he's occupying my cubicle which is rightfully "only" mine!, still have to work 12 hrs a day, my dabbawalla still gives same old food, I still bite my nails, parents still get difficult at times...and the list goes on...

Ever wondered how it would be if you got up on the day of your Bday and suddenly found something changed--like that's what bday was supposed to be about...ever year something different--like in your 15th yr your face suddenly changed , and in 18th yr-you became extremely sexy looking and in 22nd year your reading habits suddenly changed!!! I know thats arbid too..but then like I said turning 26 hasnt really changed anything!...I still think as arbidly as before!:-)

And well the wildest of the lot would be if after one bday when your just turning 26 suddenly your age goes back and you turn 24!!!!....


Well...ok the point of this blog suddenly feeling old!!!...and its sinking in yet...crossed 25 years of existence already and maybe 25 yrs more to go! hey guess what!! in the first yr of my second innings!!...just about starting out maybe...alive and kicking for the second phase...LIFE HERE I COME:-))


At 10:45 AM, Blogger feedo said...

Hahah..I know how you feel. I just turned..*ahem* 31 and its like nothing has changed. I think I will give up on celebrating bdays only.

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Ekta said...

Agree still gripping the with the fact that am half a century old in this world!

Though trying hard to maintain the "18 at heart" syndrome:-)

p.s:- How was your trip!--from your blogs sounds like u'v just had a blast!

At 1:04 AM, Blogger Anirudh Garg said...

I guess the question is :
How did you really change, from your 18th Bday or your 22nd ..? not a sudden one day change but from those days years ago ?
Bdays are great that way..although its really just another day and special only because the earth happens to be in the same spot on its "yearly" journey around the sun that it was on the day you were actually born, it forces us to thoda sa self reflection and self introspection (and a lot of cake on self in some cases ).. which is good I think !

At 1:05 AM, Blogger Anirudh Garg said...

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At 11:13 AM, Blogger feedo said...

The trip was fantastic. But its nice to be back. And I think I enjoyed being with Nidhi in Delhi more than the trip. Something to remember for my next holiday I think!

So anyways, its time for a new post dont ya think?!

At 11:47 AM, Blogger Ekta said...

Agree Anirudh...its like coming back to where u started from! I actually read my horoscope on 12th and for once it seemd to fit well with me!

But on a lighter note...telling people..hey I am the special one pamper me while u can:-))


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