Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bong-bay Blues...

...yes it is about my First EVER trip to the Bong Land!( For any phirangs or wannabe phirangs who might read my blogs someday when it gets complied as a best seller am talking about Kolkatta!

The ordeal began with me having to catch a 6:00 am flight in the morning for bong-land which means I had to leave the "Oh-to-die-for" comfort of my bed--at 4:15 am!!!!(I am gonna sue the airlines for this!!!!:-(

This has set the precedents for the ordeals to follow for the rest of the day....

Getting a cabbie who could understand that Majeer heart(venue where I had to go) was actually Mojeer heart(venue as they understand)..and then actually leaving me there safe and sound....

The day had its hilarious moments too...when the receptionist (yet again one of those die-hard bong-bayian) at the client office asked me name of the person I was supposed to meet and I said "Mr Basu" and the rest of the conversation is as below:-

Me:- "Mr Basu"
She:- " 5 min"(Boshu in bong means sit)...and I (by this time I already had had enough of the Bongo Lingo) decided to correct her and said
Me: "No Mr Basu"..(Thinking she was pronouncing Basu as Boshu)
She:"..Yes..Boshu...He will take 5 min"
Me:- His name is Mr Basu ..not Boshu
She:-(Blank Expression on face)
She:-(Puzzled...What the hell is wrong with this woman look)
She:- "You dont understand Bongali..Do you?"
Me:- "Ahem..A little"
She:-"Boshu means sit in Bongali..Mr Basu will see you in 5 min!"
Me:- (Oops!)

...and I went and sat at the "Aha" moment of the day! (Probably will go down in my "When I made a Ass of myself" Hall of fames

Meeting was struggle to decode the "A's and the O's" of the lingo..but think in the end managed to do a decent job!(pat on the back:-)

Rest of the day was relatively simple..caught up with a friend who spoke Hindi without the Bong accent..took me shopping and added bonus was I actually managed to pick up "Sandesh and Misty doi" for back home..quite like the sound of this word..."Misty Doi":-)...almost gives a royale sound to something as simple as sweet curd!!

The city somehow just doesnt seem to have grown..caught in an era...not wanting to let go...the trams, tonga's, dilapidated building(with mind you sleek interiors!)...everything seemed to be aged..yet strong enough not to die.....strange....

My flight back got delayed by an hour!!(Am suing the Airlines for third degree torcher!)...and the day ended by a co-passenger who was also waiting and apprantly one of those "bored-nothing-to-do-so-let-me-catch-someone-to-vent-my-frustation"...narrating her "horror story"..about one travel endeavour....(And yes...Like I cared!!!???)

A co-passenger on the flight(yet another Die-hard Bong)..asked..

Him:-"First time in Kolkotta?"
Me:-(Positive Nod)
Him:- "Kolkotta Bhalo Lage?"( U liked it?)
Me:-(about to do a negative nod..and then...just Smiled...

...Not sure yet...if I did or did'nt...But then had just got a teaser of the city..maybe someday will be brave enough to take a full premier..Maybe...


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