Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Tat's me:-))

--And have just realised I can get away with murder by just these two words!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes as they say..realisation just dawns on you and so it has on me!!--Today and how??--HAIL THE WORLD OF SMS!!

The story was connected to my blogs when I was told that my spellings on blog suck!(which btw is a deliberate attempt NOT to check the spellings!)--and I simply replied on SMS- Tat's me:-).....and all was gone and forgotten!:-))

That's when it struck me --the Power of these two words!--especially on sms/Mails when added with a Smily...just about compensates for the flickering of the eyelashes if said in person!..

And thats when I trailed back to some of the times I could recall having used these two words for larger sins in life like..for example at the age of 25 eating Nutella(Chocolate paste for the lesser priveleged mortals who do not know about it yet!) smudged all over your face in front of 10 other people--while others look at you in disgust--All I had to do was say--Tat's me:-)

Am beginning to believe more and more strongly that these two words have the POWER to help me get away with!!:-))

Or maybe most of us need these two justify just being ourselves...hmmm

Am getting tempted to test my theory about these two words--getting back to my first line--Any Volunteers???;-)


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