Friday, May 07, 2004

Bedtime stories...

I am 25. I LOVE them.Still. I am normal.

I actually even dreamt about the first story the night it was read out to me--this week--about a magic carpet and no prizes for guessing what my wish to santa clause would be this christmas!!

My blogging title itself begins with a "Once upon a time...."....clicqued at it may sound--"NOONE"--I repeat-"NOONE" can take away the sheer excitment that this one line can bring to anyone's face and I repeat yet again--ANYONE's face!!

Personally think...this one line is probably one of the most mysterious lines EVER!!!!---can you even in your wildest dreams imagine how many interpretations, stories can be spun just beginning with this one line--each with equal intensity of suspense around it to the extent of creating an enigma about this line!!!!????

Whoeever thought of this one line for the first time--is GOODD to me!!--may not have won the bookers prize but Hello!!!--practically every bedtime story today begins with this line!!!

Have always wondered what this line would mean to different people and how they would interpret it--give this line to 5 people and see how each one of them takes it to a different ending ..almost like the key to opening the door to people's mind and reading them....without them knowing!!!!:-)

So much for 4 words..and whoever thought someone would actually spend 20 minutes on a weekday morning...analysing, interpreting, evaluating these 4 words....but its happening and will probably happen the magic of this line continues....Once Upon a time.....


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