Thursday, May 06, 2004

Wondering world.....

...and so the blogging story begins!
Wonder what got me to doing this????...suddenly one fine day in the morning..I got up and decided to "blog" my thoughts out!

Maybe its the cheapest( talking on STD phone to your best frd costs a bomb!), simplest ( use the key-board, ignore ur boss for a while! and voila--some words which make sense to you atleast! are out) and the most safest (so to say) means of expression--and makes you think every morning--Wonder how am I feeling today????
A good office friend got me back into doing this(after a couple of years)--not really...inspired is more like it!....

Last night I got a nice tight hug from my roomate---Wonder why she gave me the hug?? (Now why the hell am I questioning that?????)--but felt great coming from her!

Too many wonders for a mid-week morning....

A lot of stuff is happening in life--not used to soo much traffic in my life!!!--but some how dont feel like putting a the red sign on yet....wanna go with the flow!

Need to stop wondering for a while......


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