Friday, May 21, 2004

Cheap thrills!!

What would I do without them!!:-)

Just realised the sheer indispensibility of cheap thrills in my life sometime back when I was having a discussion with this dear dear friend of mine called "Bra"-Ahem!!

Now that's what I call by Cheap Thrills!

Nope, parents in India or (elsewhere in the world) have still not become so progressive to name their son "Bra!". Its only friends like me who thrive on cheap thrills and do that-hah!

This naming game started when I was trying to figure out a nick name for my friend whose first three initials in the name are BRA!....After trying all sorts of combinations my undisputed brillaint mind came up with the fab nick name for him and eureka!--from that day onwards he was bra for one and all!--How Em-"bra-"ssing!!:-)

Now thats what I call Cheap thrills--calling him Bra out loud on a crowded street(though havent tried that yet!)..could just killl him....what say Bra?;-)

But Bra--this blog is dedicated to you--By far you have been the best source of cheap thrills for me...Just by being who you are..Love you for that and for being just a great sport!!- Kudos to Sporty Bra!!:-)

But besides this there are other categories of cheap thrills that I personally like exploring. For one--ringing the door bell of your neighbours(especially ones you dont particularly like) at me it still gives as much pleasure as it used to when I was 5-6 yrs old!

Another classic one (which I just managed to do yesterday!)is if you are in a signal in a car--try blowing the horn when the signal is red!!..hehe and see the sheer disgust on the look of the people around...BLISS!:-)

Either which ways...each time its brought a smile on my face...and definately makes my day..slightly better than "Yet another day"!:-))


At 6:01 PM, Blogger whatever said...

That is HILARIOUS!! I fell of my chair laughing. You have successfully ruined my disguise of a serious consultant working on her computer...

At 4:20 PM, Blogger Jupe said...

My funniest moments come when i travel..

* Next time u fly, act scared as if u are a first timer and ask the hostess if there are enough parachutes

* whenever u travel by auto in lands where the language is alien, everytime u need to take a turn give him the rong one and then correct him - for ex: "Anna, right turn" n jes when he is about to swerve say " .. no no left"

*In a bus, travel by the footboard and whenever the conductor comes to collect the fare, jump down and run to the other door - do it not only when the bus is full but also when it is empty"



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