Thursday, May 20, 2004

No Work Mood today...

....Work sucks!! Have this really strong urge to get up right now and scream in the middle of the office--I WILL NOT WORK!! and scream exceptionally loudly in my Bossmates' ears!

Obviously am in no mood to work today and no reason. Just one of those days when you get up in the morning and feel that no matter NOT gonna work today!:-(

And was suggested that I should take the day off..which obviously I haven't--coz I don't have a valid reason for leave!--what do I tell my boss?--"Hey Dude, Am not coming to work today coz I am in no mood to work!"-Yeah sure!

But then come to think of it--IT IS a valid reason! I mean Mood swings are not in my control and if my mood swings are unfavourable to work..well too bad!

And whats the point of me dragging my butt out here when am probably not even an inch productive today..maybe companies should just face realities and have leave for such reasons...and there can be n numner of

1)" No work mood today" leave
2)"Daru Party hangover" Leave
3)"Too much sex last night" Leave
4)"Maid didnt turn up today" leave
5)"My Dog puked last night" Leave
6)"Didnt have Ironed clothees to wear" leave
7)"Parents coming to town so need to clean the Pigsty " Leave
8)"PMS" leave for women
9)"Just Like that" Leave (Thats my favourite one!:-)

...and the list goes on..and mind u these are all reasons that are extremely "life-impacting"--now if I dont have Ironed clothes to wear coz my Dhobi for some godforsaken reason didnt turn up..How do I come to office????.

...Bossmate are you listening!!...AM NOT GONNA WORK TODAY!!



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