Monday, May 24, 2004

A trip to Wonderland...

Except that I wasn't Alice and there was no hare..:-(

Rest everything fitted perfectly! Had been on one of our usual monthly treks to a place called Chikmangalur, overnite journey from bangalore this friday and just returned today morning and am yet to come out of the daze...was a GOOOODDD TRRIIPPP!!!!

Had been out with a gang of 6 (including me) crazy morons( and I loveee them alll:-))who made the trip as entertaining as one could imagine!

The first day we reached we trekked almost half the day and finally managed to reach the mountain top(or so I'd like to believe)....and realised its not the destination but the journey which made it sooo greeeeen in my memory(literally)!

6 of us..walking on green grass...competing with each other to prove "whos the biggest moron of us all", taking each others trips...stopping every 15 min to take the snap of a lifetime (every snap at that point of time felt like a snap of a lifetime!)

At one point of time I actually got lost!!!....for 10 min(Ok... I could have got lost!)...coz the mist was all around us..felt like u had reached the clouds and all you had to do was open your mouth and just chew the clouds and you could eat them( and yes..I actually did that!)...and then Jaya (my saviour!) came to my rescue coz she is the only one who understood my directions of "Come to My west":-)(when we cldnt even see other !)

Highlight of the trip!---We even named our kids-to-be...for each one of us:-

Jaya's kids(shes called patahaka)--Anar and Phuljhadi
Brahma's Kids:- Cobra and Zebra (Take a guess why:-)
Bhatta's kids(he fav line is "Will give u a pok on the head":- Pok and Pik
Rose's kids( referring to rohit whos called rose):- Champa and Chameli (for obvious reasons)
Harry's kids:- Dabadaba and BadaBada ( cant explain why here!)
My Kids:- Cici and Fifi( coz I like those names forma movie where these were the names of 2 goldfishes:-)

P.s:- See how I got away with getting the names of my kids exactly what I liked..heheh(pat on the back..proud of u girl!)

The journey has its lighter moments galore...harry being names Broad, Jaya our annadatta, Me pose mehra etc, rohit fire extinguisher....

The second day was fab too..we went(dressed to completely get ourselves drenched in a 120 m waterfall) and realised on reaching that the waterfall was as big as the showers in our bathrooms!!...but then I Discovered my hidden talents in playing frisbee( Bowing down --thank you, thank you!:-)

With just a little training (from bhatta My official coach) I will be ready to play at National Morons frisbee championship!...(What say Bhatta;-)?

Shining moments of the trip...:-

1)Bhatta discovering his brillaint dressing decision on day 2
2)Me running behind the frisbee like I was running behind chickens!
3)Jaya and Rohit's A****** connection(ahem..I'll leave it at that--open to interpretations!:-)
4)Bhatta and Harry's fabulous attempt to sit together in the bus(protecting what needs to be protected most:-)..Kudos to both...well done...ur wives will be proud of u!:-)
5)Bra and his "getting wet" histrionics...
6)Jaya, mine and rohit's room which has mauve coloured walls with three Yellow Polka dots on the wall and a see through window next to the bathroom!!

List goes many more feeling short of memory right now--wish had a higher RAM! ..mind's feeling blocked right now--maybe lack or sleep or maybe I just ate too many clouds:-)


At 6:41 PM, Blogger Jupe said...

While the Janes and the Tarzans were away on yet another outdoor trip, Bangalore was spared of these freaks :-) So had a ball huh ?

Good ol' me was content to sit at home n read, watch telly, shop...Read more, watch more telly, shop more..Shud i go on ?

ps: Have i introduced you to Google and Jeeves? (Jupieee's heart sweels with pride)


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