Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Wanna soak up the sun...

..wanna tell all the moron's around me to lighten up!!!

Have decided am gonna start a new game--"MORON MAESTRO"!...crowned to the person around me who pisses the hell outta me!!!

Yesterday met this total ass of a client(well not that any client is not!)--but this guy had taken a clean sweep in being the biggest A****** of all times!!. Maybe someday when am in the best of my courage will gag him, tie up his hands and feet, throw a nice cushony matteress on him and jump up and down on him and then throw him in jail!!!!!!

(cooling down.....trying, trying...long way to go............ok now am cool cucumber)

I had a 2 hr telephonic session with him after which the only question I could ask myself was "WHY MEEEE"????????

He wanted to get loads of work done....loads of work done his way....loads of work done his way in his timelines...loads of work done his way in his timelines with little(read that as embarrasingly little) moolah and he expected me to be nice to him!!!...GO TAKE A WALK!!!

Decided that when I walked out of that room I would go to my Bossmate and say--"Look Dude, there's no way am working for this Moron, get this jerk off my back!"

I did speak to me Bossmate but the conversation sounded more like" Look dude, Cant work with pllllleaaasassseeee saveee meee!"

As things stand today--he's my client and I am doing the project and would like to end my blog here.

If I survive to see another two days you shall read another blog--else I Love all those who love me(almost!)...



At 5:56 PM, Blogger Jupe said...

I never believed that "the enemy"'s enemy could be my friend till i heard u tok of this wonderful human being.. Does he have a name ? I love him (in a totally asexual way) and also love everybody who loves me (thats a lot of people)

Take a chill pill, old hag :-)

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Ekta said...

yeah yeah..he has a name but am not gonna take his name first thing in the morning!..NO WAY!

About people loving me --well sure--can see one classic example in you!!!....


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