Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Had decided positively that today would be a no blogging day..coz my fans have been overwhelmed by my blogs in the past 2 months and needed to give them some time to recover!

In short..I didnt have a topic to blog on....untill--infinitea happened!

Well this is one of those "cool-weekend-sack-out-lunch-places-which-serve-tea-to-get-you-high" kinda places!!

Name says it a huge range of exotic teas and also something they call "Aged Tea"...coooollll!

And nope am not getting paid to advertise for this place--but just that am in a "Do the human race some good" mood and hence sharing this "must check out" with all my fans and for all those of you in and around cunningham road...great escape route for a mid week!

My pick of the day was lasagne with litchi ice tea..AWEEESOMMMEEEE!!

p.s:- They are bold enugh to not serve any cold drinks!!( missed my mirinda dose but the Litchi Ice tea more than made up for it!)

Decent range of tea and food just about makes it worth the while too!

But the "do not miss" parts are also the tea specific painting they have on the wall with some cool pics and written stuff....check this one out-"Woman are like tea bags , never know how strong they are till they get into hot water"...yayayay! (Wonder what that means though;-)

Good music, loads of colour on the walls..amazing paintings, cozy look, yummm food and tea to get you high(sans alcohol!)....perfect pick for a mid day, mid week getaway, especially if you start and end your day with "ek cup chai"!....

p.s again:-There are these golden round coin like chocolates kept at the counter and we were wondering if they were tea flavoured chocs too?..but we were too full to test..anyone going there next time pls try them and let me know..puhhlllessss

I obviously have just returned from lunch and writing this blog immediately as I still continue to be in my "raving about this place mood!"....

So while all of you who have just finished eating your canteen lunches turn green as you read my blog..I continue to rub my tummy(literally)!



At 3:47 PM, Blogger Jupe said...

Are you OK ? These days u speak so much sense, i am scared ! Did you get hit by a bouncer early on in this second innings ? :-)

Wonderful post lady ! Will chk this out pucca pucca !

At 4:50 PM, Blogger Ekta said...

I always spoke sense!..Just that U have begun to raise to my level of sensibilities only now!

p.s:-So whenever u get going to this place am getting a treat for increasing your knowledge base on "places where sane people or people who atleast want to appear sane" hang out!

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Jupe said...

Hold on, Hold on. Don't jump the gun. I've been to this place looong back - jes that i said i'd try out the lichi thingy next time...N treat..Grrrr... u owe me sthg like 45 treats...So u better keep that ATM card ready. TOPIC OVER.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Ekta said...


Now that you have forced me to do this..I shall with a heavy heart..though I didnt want to reveal the truth on the net world...but hey...When was the last time a girl offered to be taken out with u??...sometime in BC??

So kiddo...make most of ur good luck:-))

At 5:20 PM, Blogger Jupe said...

Fact1: Jupe never hangs out with "girls" - "Women", smart and intelligent "women" (IF such a tribe exist - caps intentional) turn him on !

Fact2: Girls do wanna be taken out by Jupe - its another thing that they prefer Passion of the Christ and not Hum Tum :-(

Fact3: N the above incident is after my vow to be "off women" - I don't need luck, i need resolve.

Fact4: Why does a woman never understand plain n simple English - i said TOPIC OVER - Or is this all a part of a diabolic conspiracy to increase the comments - in which case i seem to have taken the bait.

Illusion : Ekta ever treating Jupe ???


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