Monday, June 28, 2004

My first time..


On saturday. Something that I had been trying my best to push away for as long as possible, but guess finally gave into the temptation and got seduced...

Was quite scary in the beginning, wasnt sure how the first experience would be, but according to him I was great for a first time!!...Full relief happening.

Phew!...first time is always difficult..but guess woman and machine are not supposed to be the best of combinations anywayz!

Yes my first driving experience is what am trying to talk about here..!

Drove a Ford Ikon..and after a lotta push and persual over the past couple of months I realised I would eventually have to get my hands on the wheel! saturday seemed to be the day.

We had been on a long drive to this amazing place called Shivasamudram and on the way on the way I decided to finally try my hand at the wheels.

It took me precisely 7 minutes to understand the clutch, gear and break funda and another 5 minutes to get the wheels rolling and after that I totally killed it!!!Woaaa!
Of course I did commit blunders of calling the reverse gear "the 6th gear"...but then hey what's wrong in thinking big!

By all means...(with no exaggeration) I was definately a visual delight in the car and displayed the potential to do the female community proud and prove that woman and machine may not be made for each other but can survive in each others company!:-)..

It felt great just being there holding the wheel and let things pass by you and having the control of stopping whenever you wanted--almost wished life would come with wheels!!

And as much as I thot and dreaded I DID NOT bang into anything or remotely come near banging into anything alive or screeching!...Full Proudness happening--am a natural!:-))

So after my first pleasurable experience am all set to set the wheels on fire!....ZOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!:-))


At 7:54 PM, Blogger Jupe said...

Bravo !! Now lemme tell you the next wonderful thing u shud learn.. HOW TO USE A CALCULATOR..and then maybe you cud try out HOW TO LEARN TO COOK :-)

N who were u trying to cheat with those first few paras old hag :-) Nice try !

- Mean ol' me

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Ekta said...

Thx for the tips..yup its gonna be calculator and cooking next..taking things one at a time!

But hey..have you finally figured out how to use your cell phone??;-)

Well..its worth a try!..there are enough fools like u around....heheh..what say?

At 10:22 AM, Blogger feedo said...

hehe..the first time is always the best. You always remember your first time and all that...

At 11:46 PM, Blogger Megha said...

I find that 'I didn't kill anyone!" just about sums up most of my 'first time' experiences. My first attempt at cooking, first attempt at learning to drive, first attempt at driving (please to note that they are two *entirely* different things).. the list goes on ! :)


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