Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maleopause...approaching 40!

So yes..its been close to 3 yrs since I wasted my time writing on this page and others reading it...I think I have already done my due to the world economy by ensuring people are doing more productive work than reading this..(am an eternal optimist)...So now I am at it again!

So last three years life has come around a full circle- from homemaker to a busy job, followed by motherhood (shes 2.5 yrs old now), followed by being homemaker  again and launch of own business (! So yes 3 yrs older and 10 yrs wiser (ahem)...!

So last night was at dinner at a friends place and watching the husbands there forced (read inspired) me to start penning (is there such a word??) again!

So coming back to the topic of this post-Maleopause!--Yeah that exists as well! (and nope you are not going to find this word on google or wikipedia--some things are best left to imagination!)

So how the hell do you know or identify men that are going through - "Maleopause syndrome"-here are a few researched, observed, experienced insights that no magazine will tell you-- to be validated in a gathering with three or more men involved!

1) Wine, Women and work are the three areas of focus for the evening-read in that priority!
2) Atleast 20 minutes of the evening are spent discussing a young 20 something sexy lady hair-dresser (Yes hairdresser!!) with intricate and detailed description of her "amazing dressing style" (read:short and sexy)!
3) Another 10-15 minutes are spent discussing Old Monk (drink they have grown up with!)
4) Dancing in the Pubs is now considered a sport for women
5) From playing football/basketball, they claim to have graduated to more sophisticated sports like Golf (Read: anything that needs less energy!)
6) Career discussions are more philosophical than technical
7) They categorise giving and taking "gyan" from each other as having a "fun evening"! (Sigh!)
8) Cheap jokes (read rajnikant and santa banta jokes) actually have them in splits!
9) Their concept of late night means sleeping at 12:00am.
10) Eating light (read :Soup and Salad) is their first choice rather than last!

P.S: This is a work of pure imagination. Any resemblance to any character living or dead is purely intentional:-)