Monday, September 27, 2004

Ma and PA in town- Part II promised with a sequel of the Ma and Pa series!
Yes Ma and Pa are still in town--leaving this week.

For all those who thought that no blogs on my site were coz "Ma and Pa in town" syndrome had killed still alive and a survivor:-)

Events with Ma and Pa in the past month have been quite interesting:-

1) Weekday right from morning wake up call to breakfast to lunch to dinner and also an apple in between(slyly put in my purse by mom darling) has been taken care of--feel like a queen. And even after all this mom cant help herself from saying" Your losing weight beta!":-)) (Sigh!)

2) Weekend shopping--EVERY and dad have taken it upon themselves to achieve the mission impossible- "To get their useless daughter to shop for her to be marriage"!, to saree, to rings, to socks too!!!--Mom can I puuhlllessss buy my lingerie atleast on my own without dad and u???:-)

3) Neighbourhood updates!--Now thats something I had never bothered to explore in the 3 yrs of my existence in my apartment....and suddenly I realised that there was more spice in my neighbourhood than I could imagine..thanks mom for exposing me to newer pastures to kill boredom!

4) Needless to has been renovated twice already....didnt know I had so many bedsheets myself , cupboard has thrown up some new clothes which didnt know existed and my 4 feel tall garfield has found someone to hug him through the day:-)

5) Friends have started sending me " Just to check if your alive" messages...havent mingled wth those of my generation for awhile!

6)I know exactly what is happening on all the soaps beginning with K on TV...and in fact can also give a list of "must watch" soaps on tv!

The list continues....all said and done...dunno why..feeling very queasy with the thought that they'r leaving this week...partly guilt for not having spent enough time with them and partly --just having got used to them being around...

Guess no matter what they say or do....Mom and dad will always be my favourite people in the world!:-))