Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"UP" and "not so UP" side of life...

I know I know...I was lost in a desserted Island for the last 2 months...had gone on a exploratory trip sailing on the South China sea and this being the Typhoon season the boat got swayed and took me to a desserted island where I lived off leaves, fruits and occasional caterpillars and worms for last 2 months!--Is that valid excuse for not blogging for last 2 months??:-))

So yes last week I saw "UP"...the 3d animated movie...and for all those who have a sweet tooth....you will loooveee this movie...its the sweetest movie EVER!!!....Its such a cuttieppiee movie...imagine....flying in your own house from one place to another???

Come to think of it--isnt this an absolutely brilliant idea that could kill the airline industry--ingenious must say:-))...So it must be clear by now that I absolutely adored the movie...and its highly recommended...MUST MUST SEE!

On the "not so UP" side...yesterday went to someone's house in HK who stayed in an area called "Peak"...for those uninitiated to HK its basically an area higher up from where you can see the HK skyline in all its glory. Needless to say even a 500 Sq feet apartment here could burn your pockets (HK is criminally expensive when its comes to housing AND EVERYTHING ELSE!)

Now going to the house was not the "not so UP" part..the house itself was the "Not so UP" part....close your eyes and imagine...a three storey house in HK, in peak...each storey atleast 1000-1500 sq feet...!!....Last 5 yrs since we moved to HK..I had forgotten the concept of space...some concepts lose importance because they appear unrealistic and space in HK is one of them....or so I thot!!

I was behaving like a child in Toysarus for the first time...capturing every inch of space in the house...like if I see it properly I may even be able to take a little space home with me!!!..Sigh!!

Needless to say--I am still VERY sad and depressed and angry...did I say VERY?...I actually feel like a "HAVE NOT"!!!...And yes all those who are going to pacify me with comments like "Its ok you have a good house too"..."The size doesnt matter, its the people who make the home"....DONT EVEN TRY!!

I have decided the only way to start feeling "UP" again is to tie tonnes of balloons to this house and fly away in it...so if you notice a three storey something tied to balloons...wave out...and I just might take you "UP" with me!:-)