Monday, August 23, 2004

So typical Dahli!

Came back from Dalhi from a weekend trip last nite and yes have survived that city and its people yet again! a survivor!!!...This city never ceases to amaze me..

My company like most "learning organizations" these days decided to have something called as a "capability conference" in Dahli...or someplace sounding like Manesar...and well nope..not on a weekday but on a weekend!!..

So while you slog ur butt off on a weekday making money for the company , ur give up ur weekend siestas to build some "capability" to be more productive and in end make more money for fabulous!!

After 1 whole week of and another collague of mine finally landed up in the dahli office and then from there to be driven to Manesar. The three days that followed had varied experiences and moods....tired, lazy, funny, interesting, booring, missing bangalore, cribbing, rejoicing!...went thru all of these and probably even more in three days!

Its amazing how the city and its people are just soo typical Dahli and that flavour just never seems to go away, its there in everything they do, say, believe!

Love for food and paneer and papsi, big flashy big branded cars with punjabi music, once again getting amazed at the extent of pain Dahli babes take to dress up and look good and carry it of(hats off gals!) and whats more, personally think dahli men probably take much more care of themselves to stay prim and propah than women anywhere else, all the drinks and abusing in the typical dahli tone and lingo!

Have been to dahli a couple of times before and although the city seems to have been infested with new malls and swanky cars over the time...the basic feel of the city remains the same...difficult to describe..but somehow the people there somehow just never seem to change!

Cant say I have grown fonder of the city, but yes lot more accepting of it everytime I make a trip there...maybe coz the culture there is just so overbearing that you dont have too much choice but to accept it, digest it and grow into it....

Maybe thats what the city is about....cant imagine Dahli any other way but the "so typical Dahli way"!:-)


At 7:28 PM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

I will be in Delhi (Dahli?) for a few days in a coupla weeks. For the first time I'll be chillin out there with frens. (Of course, how nebody can chill out in Delhi in summer is beyond me.) Then we'll compare notes on how the Delhi BTMs were ;D


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