Thursday, July 15, 2004

Fuck it Button.

It struck me the first time when was told by a friend that I have this in me-this "Fuck it Button".Everyone has it- am convinced. Difference lies in how one uses it and for what.

Its been there with me--probably ever since I inhabited this earth, and have probably been using it since then--just that I never saw it!

It hit me the first time when I was taking the decision to change my job and after almost 2 mths of mulling, thinking, talking, thinking, discussion, thinking, debating, thinking, analysing, thinking...I still had not moved from my state of "still thinking"...I got up one fine morning and send in my resignation--without a thought.

When I was asked by this friend how did I suddenly decide--I did'nt have an answer..cldnt figure out what made me do it! That's when I was enlighted to the fact that this is probably not the only instance but there have been other observable behaviours indicative of the wide and regular usuage of this button.

It struck me as both scary and comforting.Comforting because I now have someone finally to decisions for me!--Yuppiiieeee(can rest in peace)

Scary because, it suddenly seemed like my entire life was controlled by this button! and all I have to say "Fuck it"..almost like the 2 magical words...which can lead me anywhere, make me do things that my grey cells would probable never let me...hmmmm

Going back on life seems like a lotta stuff was triggered by this button--probably a lotta my life was shaped by just a push of this button...and a lotta of my life even today is getting shaped by this button...every day..a lotta ways...hmmmm again

Sooooooo...what do I do about it now??..

As my friend says.."Am pretty happy with the way my life has shaped up and have no reason to believe it wont in future too..."

...So maybe I just need to let the button do its its always been doing...Fuck it!


At 3:20 PM, Blogger Clayton said...

I use my button when no one else is around

At 5:23 PM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

all i can say is "hmmm...", i guess clayton above went off on some tangent. sheesh.


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