Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Encounter with a Card-Gobbling monster

This is scarier than it sounds! me it was a nightmare and ideally would'nt want to talk about it...but to ensure that other species in Human race don't encounter this monster I have decided to write about it.

I encountered this monster yesterday--which ate up my Debit card, it was just swallowed and gulped down like it never existed...not a trace!!!

In case u havent figure out yet am referring to the ATM machine.

It happened yesterday late evening when I went to withdraw money from my new bank account. Now usually all normal banks have a 4 digit pin number. This idiotic bank for some reason had a 6 digit number.As it is, it take quite a task to remember the various numbers that have become more essential to your life than life itself!..

Its like u have no identity if there are'nt atleast 10 number attached to you--you are a LOSER...your cell no( ten digits!!), land line no, Atm pin, Hpin, Tpin, Mpin(Mobile banking!!!), account no..list goes on!

As is obvious my strained little brain could not figure out the right combination of these 6 digits even after 4 tries and lo and behold...without even a warning...the monster ate up my card:-(

I pushed, pressed all the buttons on the ATM, banged the idiotic box, was almost about to pick up a chair and kill the damn monster when the monsters bodygaurd appeared from somewhere and saved the monster's life!


Whyyyyyy...just when I needed the moolah...god why!!!!....God dammit..its my card, my money..who the hell are you to take it away..I can enter any number I want..any number of times!!!...Give MY freaking card backk!

So after letting the frustation and feeling of defeat sink in..the next logical step was to call up the 24 hrs Customer "Care" service!...

And well if this experience wasnt enough I was put onto somebody called "Valentine" (like that helps!!)..who blabbered for some 10 minutes beginning" good morning ...blah, blah , blah....How can I help u!"...finally!!!...

After 30 minutes of explaining, screaming, yelling, pleading, begging( never tried so many emotions at one time before!)...dearest valentine set things right for me..which is ?--" My card was blocked and new card would be issued in 1 weeks time!...WOW!!! rocks!...MUAH!

And what am I supposed to do for 1 week?...GO figure!!

All those who are reading this blog--moral of the story...Puuhhlllessss dont push your luck beyond three tries with this monster else be ready for a battle..a losing battle!


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Jupe said...

Have i ever told ya, i have a way with numbers(too).. So in case u dont wanna tax that pea-brain of urs, u can always tell me ur PIN nos: - saves finite memory space :-)

And if u want moolah, u jes have to ask.....NOT MEEEEEEEEEE...ur folks :-) N yes, as soon as u get it , pls dont forget to treat me.

ps: Neway which silly bank is this which gives a 6 digit PIN ????

pps: Did Valentine sound romantic ;-) Vaishnavi of Standard Chartered sure does :-p

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Anirudh Garg said...

or..maybe just remember your pin .. :) ?

At 1:37 AM, Blogger Arsh said...

Yeah, these stupid bank machines suck! Don't worry, u'r gonna get a brand new card, be careful and keep in safe from the monsters!

At 8:40 AM, Blogger Quill said...

Join the club!
Swear it's the world's local bank.


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Ekta said... u wish I was actualyl as dumb as u wish I was!:-)

Anirudh:- Wow!!..thats a brillaint suggestion--why didnt i think of it!

p.s:- that's my blog for the day!:-)


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