Thursday, July 01, 2004

Lingo Jingo

Ever wondered how simple normal English can be made soooo much more interesting and "cooler" to talk in simply by defying every damn grammer rule learnt in school!!!

There are various ways and means of doing that...but key is creativity and whackiness..which can be confirmed only when the person listening to you using these words for the first time sqirms and starts wondering "Which school did this dude go to???"....U know it then...u have succedded!

Now for all you beginners let me give you a few examples of some of these categories which I have heard(unfortunately these are not original creations!) and adopted successfully...

The "Cant Able to"'t able to study today or can't able to get into work mood today...! This to begin with will take some time to master and include in your lingo smoothly..but once mastered can irritate the hell outta your English me!

The second category is the happening category"--
Full joy happening
Full sadness happening
Full proudness happening( Nope..its not meant to be pride!)
Full shyness happening

This by far is one of my favouritest categories coz if u notice its multipurpose--can be added against any word and voila!....u have it going!:-)

The third is not really a category but more my style...its the "S" alphabet which does the favourite one being.."peoples--how abt lunch"...try it...kinda cool:-)

Besides this there are some words which have their own magic and these are bangalore special!..just like u have the "Apun Tapun" lingo in Mumbai...

Its called the "da-ra-bugger" lingo which got exposed to,on my first week in bangalore and have quite begun to enjoy it..they kinda grow on u...
"WWhat daaaa!!"
"Whatt raaaa!"
"Bugggeerrrrrrrrrrr"..(with extra stretch in the rrrr:-))

Now how this new lingo jingo has impacted me???..Well trust me it has..I have at times begun to say things which can have completely different( and may i put) wrong connotations!!..and if u think am faffing(incidentally thats my favouritest word of all!)
let me prove its scary impact on me

In recent past I had this strong pang of having a glass of juice. Now usually when I feel the need for food...any normal being would say "I'm hungry!"....So stretching my experimentation too far without realising the interpretation of what I was going to say...I blurted out "I'm Juicy"..oops!

I rest my case.


At 7:02 PM, Blogger Anirudh Garg said...

Hilarious ..
ofcourse, communication is all about the other person understanding the point you are trying to make. As long as thats being done sab chalta hai..
This also gets you in the realm of college/city lingo..etc.
In Manipal, "esh" was very popular.. everything was suffixed with "esh" ..
coffee jana hai ? sab log chorus main .. chalesh
yes = yesh, somebody saying something becomes
he "sendeshed" the funda..

Also the fact that most of us know hindi and english and without realising actually speak hinglish can lead to a whole new way of saying things ! :)
head is eating circles etc are common examples ..

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Jupe said...

Vere on earth is my friggin' comment.. I made one yday...Grrr..Full irritation happening here.. I loving this language so much that i cant seeming to tolerate why u killing it with such poor gremmer :-p

Btw, a pal of mine who read this post of urs wants to know - If he is bored and starved for sex, does it mean he is sexy ? :-p

At 1:46 PM, Blogger Jupe said...

Long time no post
Long time no post
Long time no post


At 7:48 PM, Blogger Quill said...

U Know what ? i mean, u know ,the latest blog is ,u know ,is Kewl and u know kinda interestin , i mean ,pretty much as good as your earlier ones ,which
,u know ,is amazing.

Basically ,what i'm telling u naa is that ,tumhara blogs haina are basically cool yaar.KNNLJ ...(Arre...Kabhi nazar nahi lagh jaaye yaar!)


At 11:30 AM, Blogger Ekta said...

Jupe...sob, sob!..
"Works killing"
"works killing"
"Works Killing"

...check site now..just blogged

Quill--maybe u shld blog abt what made u keep that name!


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