Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Spidy 2!

or was it sidey 2??

After waiting for weeks, making two attempts to catch the movie(striking lucky the second time), travelling all the way to the godforsaken multiplex-- I end up watching Spiderman 2- A loouuvvee story!-hummmppp!

Mr director...seems to have had an overdose of our very own bollywood....so much so that he is so caught up in spinning the story that he forgets to make spidy dear spin the web!

Spidy cries,  moans, groans, does full senti, falls deeply in love, feels sorry for old aunt...sob sob!(handkerchief pls) ,writes a thesis and even starts rethinking about being spiderman!!!! (Buddy have paid a bloody 100 bucks to see spidey in action--do u mind????!!!)

And when our spidy is not doing any of the above he graces us and obliges us by spinning a few pieces of web--but hey guess what--to add "kahani mein twist"...just when ur on the edge of ur seat(almost) and hes doing the works...lo and behold....his web gets stuck and refuses to spin from his wrist!!!!!....(what happened pal...ran outta stock or something?????..urrrggg!)

Coming back to the main story  our spidey dear is deeply in love with some wierd looking thing called "mary jane"..or "MJ"..and tries and tries and cries and cries to make her "meri jaan"...and voila succeeds in the end by being the hero who saves her life...yeayayayaya(whistle!..how brave!!....)...er...jane bimbo..wake up!...hes the one who got u in trouble in the first place!!!

But our bimbo babe..is sooo deeply in loovvee with spidy that she ends up being a runaway bride!!...(how inspiring and unique!)....

Not to forget the "to-be-villian-in-the-next-sequel" hot dude...who is supposedly our spidy's bhestest friend....well..he's the phirang version of "Devdas"(actually much better than the original;-)...except that his pain in life is not paro...but guess who...his PAPA!!!..(stumped!)

Yes..our "good-son-of-the-soil" has a record that gets stuck on one line "Where is spidy"...as spidy apprantly has killed his dearest papa in version 1 and he cant able to get over that...wowoahhhh( if only we have more such -son-of-the-papapa's the world would be a nicer place....sob, sob!...more handkerchief pls!)

And now the final nail in the coffin...would let all this go as passe but for the fact that spidy defies the age old cartoon fiction character tradition and reveals his identity to junta-et-all!..(what the hell is happening here???!!)...its like showing the face of phantom in the comic books!!!!...whoever does that???....Mr director U give them masks so that their faces dont get seen..not coz u pull them off in the middle of the movie!!!!....(Mr director must have had a deprived childhood)

After 1.5 hrs of spidy am still left yearning for spidy in action....if bollywood masala is what I wanted--would go for "janasheen" anyday!!

Hoping against hope for more action from Spidey in the version 3--Mr Director puuhhlllessssss have mercy!!

p.s:- Saving grace of the movie are purely the rare times spidey gets into some action...the train scene and the last sequence is quite cool and almost picturised like used to be in the cartoon, our -son-of-the-papa" simply for adding aesthetic value to the film(yumm), and spidy for looking sooo non-spidy!


At 2:23 PM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

It couldnt have been as bad as that. I'd been eagerly waiting for it for long. Hmmm... well I gotta watch it to confirm.

PS: Sorry about dropping out.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Jupe said...

I saw it and i loooooooooved it... I hate these larger-than-life comic book heros like Superman n Phantom and what was sooooo endearing abt Spidy-2 was that it revealed the human side of Peter Parker.. I thot it was awesome the way his feelins for MJ kept vacillating between "i want her" and "No i dont".

Mindless action is boring - but when its interlaced with human drama it appeals to me tremendously... My fave scenes were def: that train seq: and then that Hemmingway play scene :-)

But u r dead right abt one thing though... Revealing his identity to all n sundry was stupid.. plain stupid.. n yes, that guy who plays Spidy's bestest friend Harry is coooool... U have good taste :-)

ps: I loved the way the movie ended " Go get 'em tiger" :-))

At 6:31 PM, Blogger iii said...

All your observations are valid from an action movie point of veiw, but I think the movie captures the original spirt of spidey (the comic book not the cartoon on sunday afternoon). Peter parker is like it or not a love stuck individual (geek) who struggles to come to term with his super powers. He is lets say a reluctant super hero!
So yeah maybe there should have been a disclaimer that its not an action movie or something like that!

At 10:38 PM, Blogger Anirudh Garg said...

First a disclaimer : I saw it a little while ago so might not remember exactly how the movie goes, nevertheless hilarious cynical description.. If somebody went in to see the movie to pan it, it couldnt have been done in a funnier way .. :) Nice post..

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Ekta said...

Jupe, iii:- Not mindless action but just action am talking about here!

You dont really get to see spiderman everyday and I want my fill of the action..thats what he was all about!Never read the comics but my relation to spiderman is through the cartoon version which was by far much more awesome!!

And yes human side of PP...well ...that could have been shown but definately not as the focus point of the movie!

My dissapointment here was not with the concept of the human side of PP but with the way it was directed.Definately expected a better output here!

And Jupe --hey finally we agree on something--Harry was hot!:-)

Anirudh- Thx and well in the end of the movie these are the points which stuck to me!

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Jupe said...

Tomorrow morning i come to ur blog and i see Spidy-2 at the top of ur page, i swear i will swear at u :-p

Cmon, write sthg !!

At 12:55 AM, Blogger Tafosi said...

Well I know its kind of late but just read your review (which by the way is hilarious) and couldn't resist.
I can see your point about this being an "action movie" and thus you wanting to see a lot many special effect scenes. I fear that making a super-hero film is like being caught between the devil and the whatever else it is that you are caught in. If you make a "masala" film, people get all over you for insufficient character development and on the other hand if you try to do justice to everyone, then general audience bemoans the lack of action.
What it all comes down to is what people want out of their Friday night entertainment. I feel that most of them do want their comic book film to be a slam-bang affair. Thats why Hulk from last year, although one of the most well-directed films, was so disappointing. In this case the director has tried to please both, the critics as well as the fans. In that he has succeeded. I felt it was a well made film with some good acting (by some of them at least). But I do agree about the big identity reveal at the end. Would be interesting how this affects Spidey 3.


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