Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tai Tam

Thats the name of the place we trekked today...our very first trek in HK

HK with all its tall concrete buildings and vast sea almost cheats you into beleiving that activities like trekking and hiking were a distant possibility coz the landscape for the same would be a rarity...but we were wrong!

Today we managed to go on our very first trek in HK to a trail called Wilson/HK trail to a place called Tai Tam reservoir(sounds almost like the name of a railway station)...cute eh:-)

Well we thought so too..once we started out...once again felt cheated!...Coz the trek turned out to be atleast 4 hours of solid walk!..non-stop, without breakfast and in the hot sun!....

Thankfully we had enough good company to keep the walk on(5 of us)....

What struck me was well slightly funny...after doing all these treks in thick jungles in India without a guide or any paths or signboards to tell us where we are and where we are every trekking path has a proper trail with...proper signboards and even tables laid out for lunches and barbeques...hehehe its funny..but the trek was fun..

And some funny sights were too see other trekkers from all over the world trekking with knapsacks, "Umbrella and walking sticks!"...well this place still hasnt ceased to amaze me!

We finally reached a place called Stanley Market which had this amazing open restaurants and we managed to regain all the calories we had lost in the day by a lavish meal!

All in all....perfect day...met some great people, was as close to nature as could be doing one of things I love most doing and..nothing better but to end it with a nice chicken Pizza!:-))

Here is to yet another great the string of many!


At 6:25 AM, Blogger hickey said...

sounds great. am completely jealous.. coz i do love trekking but my job ensures i dont have much of a life left:) how long have yu been in hk?

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Ekta said...

Well..used to say the same when I was working and now realise how much I missed out then!

So grab the chance while you can and make sure you do what you want-with or without your job!

Been in HK for 2 mths now

At 7:57 AM, Blogger Anuja said...

'Tai' Tam actually :D

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Prashant/* said...

Sounds like fun da, ET! Work life is really hectic, I know. Somehow we've managed a few trips - but rarely any trek! The umbrella trekkers is quite funny :)) - after all those leech treks, this must've been without sufficient company ;)

At 6:26 PM, Blogger Ekta said...

Hey anuja,
Thx for correcting me..will update the post!

PT:- yes the trek was fun and well the umbrellas and the barbeque tables were worth seeing


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