Monday, April 25, 2005

The Blues day

Its here a monster not willing to go away...every week....month after month, year on year...the Blue monday is here again!

If I was lucky enough to be granted a wish--without doubt it would be to take away this day of the week!

And its not about it being the first day of the week--its just something about it being "Monday" which has a boring, lethargic, depressing tone to it...

After a fab weekend...spending half a day at a friends farmehouse, an evening in a lovely place for dinner listening to some fabulous live music, being treated to lunch and dinner by generous friends...which sane person would EVER want to work!!..And well...not that I would ever want to work anywayz!

Been really thinking hard on how to take away this bluey feeling every monday(maybe its also gotta do with my husband running away to bombay every monday for the whole week!)....but somehow dont seem to be getting anywhere near to cracking it!!

And I know for sure...its not only me...there are atleast millions others who dread the if anyones been lucky enugh to crack how to handle thie monster please let me know asap........puuhhhhlllesssssss!!!!!!!!!!


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