Thursday, November 04, 2004

Men and Bath

What is it with men and Bathing???? Why cant the two of them just live together under one roof in peace??

Women folk unite here pls...but taking a bath is yet another part of your "must do" morning rituals as far as the women species are concerned and is probably one of the easily done mindless activities as peeing!

But apparantly not so mindless as far as men are concerned coz there is apparantly a "decision making" involved as far as bathing is concerned!!..

Enlightenment struck me recently on the 4 decision points on bathing in the male territory(Please note--these are based on actual and observable behaviours and any exaggeration could be purely intentional!!)

1) First decision revolved around if I should take a bath today or not (Excuses could be ranging from "have taken a bath just last week" to "I have loads of deo left to cover up", "Dont intend to have sex today so can afford to smell like a pig", "I want to look like I have been working hard"!)

2) Those brave enough to take the plunge into the bathroom--second decision point would be if soap should be a part of the bathing activity or will water suffice!( Excuses could be "Dont like the smell of my soap", "Need to last the soap till end of the month", "The smell of soap doesnt last anyways so why bother"!!, "Soap has chemical which affects your skin!!")

3) The even Braver lot debate if shampoo should for a part of this activity and this decision point usually comes in once in 15 days...(excuses against it could be "Shampoos are for girls--cant afford to smell like a sissy!", "Too expensive", "Sorry..loosing too much hair already!"

4) And the fourth decision point that creates havoc amongst men is whether to wear fresh clothes post a bath or will yesterday's pair do?(excuses range from "Clothes arent so dirty yet", "Sorry, maid's not been coming...cant afford to have too many clothes in the laundry, "Deo comes to the rescue again", " This is my best combination", "No one remembers what I wore yesterday!")

If only men were to put their brains to better use....;-)

Well...anything written in this blog is not a piece of fiction and any resemblance to any individual or mammal living or dead is by design!:-))


At 6:07 PM, Blogger Anbu said...

Women consider it as ritual whereas it is not...We have more important things to do than just bathing...Don't you think 15 mts wasted daily in this unproductice activity could be used in some other productive activity.15 mts daily counts to arnd 100 hrs per year gone to drain.thts 4 full Day for this useless activity.We are not here to show off our beuty.we are here to work.

At 6:10 PM, Blogger Ekta said...

Eating takes atleast 25 mins everyday..which means approx 750 minutes a month and 273750 mins per yr!!!
So does that mean u starve and die??

At 11:01 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

Just wanted to add a subset to your point here.This is based on actual experience.This is called a "Weekend Bath Syndrome".The category is single males between 21-28 who think since it is a weekend (hence no need to show up for work) and forego the cleansing routine. The rest of the weekdays they have to interact with the general public and hence shower out of that neccisity.

As an exception to your definition is that I do enjoy my "luxury" bathing schedule(involving sinking in the tub and reading up for 30 minutes) over the weekend.Try it, its very relaxing.I only take showers everday because of the time differential between tub and shower.I only wish for a Jacuzzi or Sauna, if I ever buy a house.

At 11:52 PM, Blogger Prabz said...

Its because
1. 'Women get dirty soon... and Men doesnt'
2. 'Women get smelly sooner.. and --ditto--'
3. 'Women are obsessed with beauty.. Men are more rational"..

HUH.. I Have some more.. Take it easy :))

At 10:28 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

Ekta I think the problem is perspective. if the romans( or whoever it was) decided that 1 day = 48 with 2 naps allowed in those 48 hours. then we wud bath once every 48 hours. it wudnt look odd.

its only in this corporate set-up post industrial revolution ( which is part of a grand evil design by women) that this 24 hour slabs of time became so important.

men still are larger than time itself. we have primitive instincts. like to have that cave-man smell like we just hunted a boar. we need to come come andshout "men have come! woman! cook food and then have sex with me".

bathing doesnt exist in our world. bathroom has a commonde and toothbrush(albeit spaced well apart)

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

Ho! Me thinks, somebody seems to be re-thinking the engagement ;o) sigh, there go my sweets.


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