Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Live life Queen Size

Yup that's how I felt in Malaysia.Actually felt like one of those American tourist I used to see in India living like Kings and making sure they enjoy all the possible luxuries thrusted on them (how torturous)!Ahem!!

Residing in the Marriott hotel in Kuala Lumpur(actually place called Putrajaya close to KL) I felt like a princess!(equally tortured)!

Hubby dear had to be in Malaysia for work for three weeks and how could poor wife stay alone in HK all the while-so a mutual pretext of a second honeymoon was worked out and there I was forced to devour all the luxuries alone(poor me!) while hubby dear religiously spent 12 hrs a day working!..sigh!

Well though hubby dear laughed it off I actually had a busy and tiring day (once my day began that is)...beginning with a quick breakfast and then an hour at the gym, followed by well 30 minutes of Jacuzzi, occasionally by sauna, a generous shower(30 minutes atleast), next activity obviously being lunch , TV , reading and maybe a 1 hr nap. Just when I began to realize its evening it was time for a swim in a lavish pool. By this time hubby dear would usually return to accompany me for dinner....Woah!(that's a lot stuffed in a day)...and mind you it was all free(I hate them!!!!!!!:)

Have explored KL on the weekends and well its a nice simple place with of course the Petronas towers being the fame story, and people here being slower than trams!..An eg is below...

Me in Mcdonalds asking for a veg burger meal...(pls note the Meal combo typically have a non cheese burger)
Me:- Wld like a Veg cheese burger combo meal
Waiter:-?..sorry..U want a veg burger meal
Me:- Yes, but a veg cheese burger meal
Waiter:- Sorry mam...but we have only veg burger meal...
Me:- So??..u have a chicken Cheese burger right..?...so why cant u give a Veg cheese burger?
Waiter:- Am sorry but we have only a veg burger
Me:- Ok u have a veg burger..and u have cheese?
Me:- Then take the Veg burger and Add cheese and charge me for the cheese!!!!
Waiter:- Okkaay...so u want Veg burger and add cheese
Waiter goes to his boss to check if thats a possibility!!!..returns
Waiter :- Ok mam...50 cents more...we give Veg burger and Add cheese
Me:-Okkkayyyy...So u cant give me Veg Cheese burger but thx for giving me Veg burger with Cheese!

Thankfully Malaysia is not as maddeningly expensive as HK...so it's a relief and well I managed to sneak in atleast an evening of shopping and buy some lovely Malaysian Masks of wood!

So that was life in Malaysia....and who's complaining...u don't get to be a queen everyday...though a red carpet could just complete the picture(is the Marriott listening!)


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