Saturday, November 19, 2005

To Mom

Dear Mom,

This piece of note is dedicated wholly and souly to you...

Why?..after 27 yrs of existence do I decide that you finally deserve atleast a few lines for you...Coz for the first time in my life I feel in your shoes..

You'v been a housewife all your life...and I having travelled the life of a student, to working spinster, to working wife to finally a housewife...have always smirked at how peaceful a life a housewife has....Alwways kept asking you.."What do you do in the kitchen the whole day?"..."Why dont you go out and do something more with your life?"....

These questions always coming from genuine ignorance of the fact that mom probably never needed to get out of her housewife clothes or probably never had the time to.....

And how I have reached to this analysis....coz am obviously in your shoes and reliving it everyday...Read this...

Daily Routine
1) Break fast for hubby early morning - 10 min
2) Lunch for Hubby packed early morning - 15 min
A quick nap once hubby leaves followed by ablutions
3)Cleaning the house (mopping, scrubbing the floors)- 20 min
4) Cleaning toilets -15 min
5) Making the bed-10 min
6) Dusting the House- 15 min
7) Washing and Drying clothes- 15 min(Thank you Dear Machine)
8) Cleaning Dishes from Breakfast- 15 min
Quick Lunch for myself
9) Cleaning Dishes post Lunch- 20 min
10) Cleaning Kitchen before Cooking- 7 min
11) Cooking Dinner- 2.5 hrs
12) Cleaning dishes once again- 15 min
13) Wrapping dried clothes- 10 min
14) Grocery Shopping- 1-2 hrs
Hubby returns
15) Heat and serve Dinner- 30 min
16) Post Dinner cleaning Dishes- 20 min
17) Final Kitchen Clean up-10 min

End of day

Please note:- Schedule continues mostly the same on weekends there are no weekly offs....

Sorry mom for not being able to realise that this is a difficult and "very difficult" job...and thank you for all the years of relentless, non tiring efforts to give us a beautiful home.

Never again shall the questions be asked....

Your Daugther


At 2:47 PM, Blogger Φ said...

i miss my mumsy 2..but guess what, only we think they are conventional and stero typed but nahh my mumsy sends me a sms

"comp dwn nt wrkn.pls sty in tuch thro sms..luv amitus"

:) they go any measures to do things for us.. when u get back home grab her and give her a big beary hug with a bigggggg sploshy smooch :-D ..

At 8:20 PM, Blogger Ekta said...

Completely agree with u...Actually Ditto...!
Mom recently discovered the pleasures of Cell phone and made it a pt to msg me atleast once a day...and often send it to wrong numbers!:-)

At 2:09 AM, Blogger Φ said...

haha yep ekta very true. i had recd fwd from my friends who adds to the msg.. beta msg from ma..

she has no regrets either..and says in an unruffled tone sure it wud reach u da..jus chill..

am like *awww ok ma*

hey thanks fr dropping by..nice to have u there :)


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