Friday, February 03, 2006

Bali for Me

The first Milestone was achieved-finally! 365 days post the well celebrated ceremony of marriage--yes we survived and emerged breathing and alive after 1 yr of marriage!;-)

So hubby dear(who sweetly did all the planning) chose Bali to be the destination for celebration....and celebration if was....galore!

We stayed in two different places in Bali for 3 days each-Ubud (the traditional bali) and Kuta (The hip and happening place)....for the complete Bali experience...

A few highlights of the Bali experience...
1) The most AMAZING resort called The Chedi Club in Ubud (thx hubby for choosing just the perfect place)...set in the middle of paddy fields and the most exotic villa cottages...EVER..hmmm
2) The 'almost' open bathroom( dont get ideas!)....made bathing a whole new experience...;-)
3) The awesome service and people-completely won us over!...the resort actually has one host called "butler" assigned to each guest...ours was a sweet girl called "Saturi". Unlike the so called "5 star hotels", this place indeed defined what hospitality is all about--EVERYTIME a guest returned to the resort from sightseeing, the security would inform the respective butler of the arrival at the gate and before we entered the reception area...there was out Butler greeting us with a namaste , eager to know how our day went!
4) The absolutely fabulous artwork in Ubud...yes Ubud is known to be the artisans village!...Every house there apparantly has atleast one painter...needless to say the canvases said it all....we picked up 6 paintings and loads of other wood work and still feel it was'nt enough!
5) The Awesome Paddy field trek which was the silver lining of our stay in Ubud-Thx Sutari for the awesome experience.
6) The absolutely-"To die for" Pancakes in breakfast at the resort!!!--BEST EVER!!!!!!!!....with Honey and fresh fruits....yuummmmm
7) The fact that Indonesian culture is sooo similar to India--the dances are similar to our classical dances and inspired by Ramayana and Mahabharata characters!...that was news to us!
8) The adorable scene of a monkey with its new born(littlest monkey ever!) clutched in its arms....was a sight...picture perfect!
9) The Kuta experience-Hard Rock Hotel (where we stayed) opposite the beach-to just walk over when we wanted to!
10) The BIGGEST EVER pool I have EVER seen--its so big its actually got a mini beach in there!--must dive into!
12) My first ever experience of watching the complete deal getting done!--in the hard rock pub--women walks in with a guy(apparantly her pimp)-both sit down on the same table as ours--they order a drink--women gets up and does one dance(seductive enough for men to notice her)--she drinks and enjoys music indifferently--man walks and scouts around the pub for potential client--finds one white guy--strikes a 10 min conversation(pointing to the girl)--closes the deal(I believe)--walks over with the 'client' to the girl and introduces them--sits away and lets the two of them "bond".....phew! first experience of watching the end-to-end deal closure!
13) The most memorable moment for the entire trip--Hubby dear and me both got permanent TATTOO's done as our wedding gifts to each other on the anniversary day!!--....(see pic of my tattoo!)--feel wild once again!
14 ) Hubby dear's scuba diving experience and his childlike excitment about it....he actually got a video done of himself underwater with fishes....(Love him more for being crazy too!)
15) The romantic and cute anniversary celebration dinner at Hard Rock Cafe....two of us and just us!:-)..muah!
16) The "holding each others hands" walks on the beach and our first sand house together (well it almost looked like one).....priceless moments for a perfect celebration.

Its been a roller coaster ride--and have felt the rush in my head everytime the ride dipped and the twist in my stomach everytime it went high....and yet I want it to continue forever....

Here's to us...Hubby Dear...Forever...and ever!


At 5:57 PM, Blogger Ron said...

hey!! first and foremost happy anniversary!! and secondly, that sounds like a hell of a vacation! glad you had such a great looks very nice..but little bit painful also.

At 7:01 PM, Blogger Ekta said...

Thx Ron!
and yes was a blissful vacation!
Heres wishing to many more such ones!

At 5:25 PM, Blogger whatever said...

Congratulations sweetheart! Awesome tattoos and I can tell both of you had a brilliant time! Please wish Anand on my behalf as well.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Jupe said...

Read ur mail, didnt believe it.... saw this post, refusing to believe it still... u actually got tattooed ??? wowwwwwwwww... since when did u become so super cool... Anand sure seems to have had a postive effect on you :-p

Congrats on completing one yr...wishing u many many more to come !!

At 6:54 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

i completed 1 year of married life too.. :-) . mine is about the same time as urs.

tatoo wow! u got some guts. marriage is the only permenant thing i am committing to.


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