Monday, February 27, 2006

Shopping with the Opposite Sex-My Version!

This post has been inspired by Hubby Dear's very 'eye-opening' post here, forcing me to publish the other side of the story!

All married folks will agree that shopping is one of the most lethal causes for fight! Yes, (having learnt this lesson earlier itself) there have been rare occasions when I have turned to Hubby dear as a Shopping 'companion"...and these are some reasons why men(most of them) can be easily a desperate choice for shopping!

1) Shopping for men is abt buying the "first thing you like"...not the "best thing you like". So in all probability you will like something in the first 2-3 shops you visit and hence anything that needs more than 4 shops to buy invites the "Why do you need this?...dont u have enugh of these already"...q!

2) Men never like to do the dirty job at home-throwing the garbage, cleaning the bathroom sinks, toilets!...It all needs to be done, only not by him. Same holds true for bargaining.!Bargaining is embarrassing. Its not bad-just 'embarrassing'. So while wifey 'shamelessly' bargains and disregards the honour of hubby dear (sigh!)....hubby dear will stand 200 mtrs away during the process and pretends to be an alien till the deal is struck--and when we have got the gold at dirt price wifey dear gets blessed with a "Am proud of u hug"!-Thank u hubby dear for being there!

3) Expensive is good. Yes-any brand(the brand itself doesn't matter), just the fact that its a brand is good enough to attract a purchase from the opposite sex. More importantly only expensive is good!....So while they admit that they genuinely like some "cheap" stuff, it is below them to possess anything that is without an original label!..ahem
p.s:- Have grown up in Bombay thriving on road side vadapao's and shopping at fashion street/ linking road-thank god I had a normal childhood

4) Shopping is about buying!...Well there is no concept of "Window Shopping"...if you go to shop you buy....err...hubby dear ideally yes , according to the dictionary shopping is with the intent to buy....but most women havent EVER opened a dictionary!!!!!!....They just need to kill some time and convince themselves that the stuff they've got already is better or cheaper!

And well Hubby dear for future reference...When a woman asks for opinion during shopping....she doesnt really care for your opinion(she knows exactly what she wants!)....shes just checking to see if your still tuned in or checking out some other babes shopping ard!.....;-))


At 1:40 AM, Blogger Rajachockalingam said...

After returning home,they do comparision with neighbours.She will be doubly satified only if it is superior than all other neighbours.

At 4:54 AM, Blogger 4u2nvau/Rohit said...

lol Ekta ji that was quality. I agree with everything you just mentioned. Had a good laugh too :)


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